Telltale Signs That Your Relationship Is More Than Just Flirting

Telltale Signs That Your Relationship Is More Than Just Flirting

So, if you’ve been asking yourself, “Are we dating?” you’re probably perplexed. It might be difficult to discern if your relationship is on the upswing or downswing. As a result, the following are some responses.

Having the freedom to go out and meet new people may be one of the perks of being single. There is, however, a significant bit of guessing and complexity involved. To be clear, this is especially true when a guy you’re dating is behaving in a strange way and making you wonder, “Are we dating or simply hooking up?” Is he merely interested in becoming your booty call, or does he desire something more??”

While you’re mulling over these questions, it’s completely unacceptable to do so (and we know most people won’t). What better way to deal with his pounding on your skull than to stop playing mind games and just focus on where this “thing” is going?


It’s more than just a fling, and something much more serious is in the works, as evidenced by these clues

Planning on a Tuesday

When he starts making arrangements to go out with you early in the week, you know you can stop asking, “Are we dating?” His consideration for your schedule is further demonstrated by his decision to book your date several days in advance.

Making plans implies you’re worth his time, even if casual dating or hooking up is more of a last-minute or unplanned affair.

He trims his beard.

When you’re dating, it’s important to put up some effort. When you’re together, he shaves and dresses well. There is a possibility that he has welcomed you inside his home, where he has at least made his place presentable for your arrival.

Introductory blunders.

The two of you are out having fun when all of a sudden, your friend appears around the corner. When your buddies start to notice who you’re with, you both feel a little uneasy.

As you present him as a friend, or perhaps as your date, he widens his grins in approval as he waits for you to reveal the truth. Stop asking yourself “are we in a relationship?”

One glass, two straws

When he suggests that you try a new craft beer, you don’t think twice about taking a sip from his glass because you’re both so used to one other’s company.

It’s impossible to exchange body fluids with FWBs or hookups since you’re curious as to where *their mouths and other areas of their anatomy* have gone.

Phones are hidden away.

You know you’re dating if he’s giving you his undivided attention at all times. If he’s on silent mode, you won’t hear his phone ring or see him checking his phone for Facebook, Snapchat, or Twitter updates. You’re a real talker who can hold a conversation. When you’re all together, it’s hard to think about engaging in conversation with anyone else.

There are a lot of “Good morning” texts being sent out.

With easy hookups, it’s all about the “you up?” texts and the “what are you up to?”

To be the first thing on his mind when he wakes up, this suggests you look forward to engaging in meaningful text conversations with him throughout the day. Is he asking himself the same question as I am, “Are we dating?” if he does this?

Become a part of the team.

If you’re just hooking up and not dating, you’re likely to spend most of your time in the bedroom. Vampires avoid public places during daylight hours because they don’t want to run into people they know.

On the other side, if you both spend time together and meet each other’s friends frequently, you may stop asking “are we dating?”.

Friends with PDAs

When he’s not afraid to exhibit his devotion in public, you know you’re dating. You go all out, and he does too.

You can’t get him to stop holding your hands and hugging you, and he doesn’t seem to care if the rest of the world knows it.

It’s just you and me.

Some guys may claim to be interested in you, but all they’re doing is having one-night stands. A relationship is more than just hooking up when your guy is seeing and doing nothing else but you—and he doesn’t want it any other way.


“Are we dating?” you question, but if another guy attempts to get close to you while you’re simply “hanging out” at the bar, your date will immediately come over and block him, with a greenish tinge of jealousy in his eyes.

Even if he doesn’t say it, he has a strong protective instinct toward you.

Shoulder to cry on

You’ll lose a guy who’s only interested in having a good time with you once you start talking about your affections for him. Because they don’t want to upset you, they’re worried you’ll bring up your feelings for him.

As long as he comforts you after an emotionally draining workday, the question “are we dating?” is out of the question.

With you present, he discusses the future.

People who are only interested in having sex for the sake of having sex are unlikely to discuss the future.

They will, in fact, avoid it like the plague. His expectation is for you to still be around in six months if he says, “We should go together to watch this concert,” for example.

You’re being asked to be his girlfriend.

This is by far the best possible sign! Isn’t there no guesswork in this case? The fact that he wants you to be his girlfriend means that you’ve already begun a relationship.

This is what you want to happen and what you hope for. It could be or it could be not at all. Or he may just be taking his time. This is the point at which you may put your mind at ease.

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