Texting And Follow-Up Guide After A Successful First Date

Texting And Follow-Up Guide After A Successful First Date

Navigating the aftermath of a great first date can be nerve-wracking. With so many uncertainties, it’s easy to feel lost and unsure of what to do next. Fear not, our comprehensive guide to texting and follow-up after a successful first date has got you covered!

So, you took the person you’ve had your eye on out on a date. The tough phase is gone; now comes the much more challenging part: developing deeper channels of contact.

Your pre-date conversations were very different from those you’d have on your first date. Now that we’ve made contact, the game is over.

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The future of your online conversations with loved ones and close friends is probably starting to take shape in your mind today. Some say there’s a formula you should stick to; if you deviate from it, your love life will be in limbo.

For example, “Don’t call till after three days,” “If he calls immediately, dump him,” or “Guys have to call first!” are all examples of such regulations.

I mean, how do we respond to that? Screw it; we’ve moved on from the narrow-minded nonsense promulgated by Hollywood and dramatic love stories.

The Second Date: What Comes Next?

Let’s look at what happens after the first date as a baseline for what you should and shouldn’t do on subsequent dates.

You and your date return home together (or you and your date return to their respective homes), and you consider whether or not to exchange goodnight kisses. Since the two of you have decided to give it a shot, tonight will probably be great. The night must have been fantastic if you had ended up sleeping together.

In the first, you’ve just gotten home from a fantastic date and are debating whether to take a shower first, send your date one last text, or just sit by the phone and hope they’ll call you.

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In the second scenario, you and your partner have just finished what was hopefully a great session of sex, and you’re deciding whether or not to contact each other while you’re in the shower.

Although both options are excellent, the next step is when things get a little trickier. Asking if you should or shouldn’t get in touch with them. Will that be the case, and if so, when? Then why not? In that case, what do you plan to say? What exactly are you going to discuss? When did you decide to change how you normally talk to one another?

We hate asking many follow-up questions after a date, but it’s inevitable. Eventually, you’ll have to initiate a conversation with your date.

When Is It Appropriate to Text

This seems to be the core issue, no? Isn’t that the question on everyone’s mind? What’s the big deal about knowing when to text after a first date?

That’s possible because people view you as weaker if you text first in a social situation. Since you gave in, it’s clear that you have increased feelings for that person. But that is just nonsense. There’s no telling how much someone likes you. You are the only one who knows whether or not they do. That’s how easy it is.

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You’ll need to keep talking to each other to figure out who. In case you were wondering when to text, here it is. Get a text to them as soon as possible.

If you feel like texting them, go ahead and do so, even if you just locked your door, left them at their place, or hopped into a cab. To express your gratitude for the time, you spent together, a short text message is quite acceptable. You can wish them good night or advise them to be careful on the road via text message. It’s the modern courtesy to do so, and it’s acceptable.

Is it worth it to call, or will they be turned off?

Whether or whether to call after the first date is, arguably, more crucial than any texting-related query. These days, texting is the preferred contact method, and calling is hardly considered.

But that’s just what doubters want you to think. There’s no justifiable stigma against phoning a person after a date. Indeed, it is more genuine and might strengthen your bond with the person you see.

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So, what’s our verdict? Feel free to give them a call. Not while they’re behind the wheel.

They are not worth your time if turned off by the prospect of an excellent and handsome individual calling to express gratitude for a good evening.

With whom should you talk about

No two people should feel obligated to discuss the same things after a first date. There are only a few remaining points to discuss before you can finally plan your next date (without resorting to sex).

  1. There was so much to like about that one evening. If you don’t genuinely feel that way about the date, don’t say something like, “That was the finest first date ever.” Simply remarking on how delicious the meal was and how engaging a conversation partner your date was would suffice.
  2. You should figure out when the next date is. Inquiring minds may want to know this, but it’s not necessary. If they accept, you know it’s time to plan a second date. They likely have no plans to see you again if they don’t.
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3. Everything else. This is a talking exchange. Yes, you and your date can discuss topics other than yourselves. Make sure your date is up for it; they could just be weary. It’s not necessarily a sign of dislike. This expression means “not at this time” in a cordial manner.

4. Best wishes. Leave and go to sleep in peace. No matter how much you enjoy talking to them, eventually, you will have to end the conversation.

5. Whenever you’re ready, plan the next date. A second date is desired if the first one is enjoyable. We offer two potential time frames for your next date to choose from.

6. This expression means “not at this time” in a cordial manner. Since the excitement of the last date hasn’t worn off and you probably have a free weekend day coming up, now is the perfect time to plan another one. While it’s feasible to set up a date for the next day, most individuals would prefer to take some time to think of new methods to impress you before arranging another date.

7. If they aren’t free, schedule a date as soon as they’re ready to commit. It can be challenging to pick a new date if you have conflicting travel and business schedules. Don’t feel bad if you can’t go out with them if this is the case. Keep your options open for a reasonable amount of time, say, *3-5 weeks*, just in case you and your date start to feel distant, so you don’t end up waiting for someone who might not be as thrilled to meet you again.

Is there anything specific you should do on your next date, and what can you anticipate from it?

In a semi-relationship, the second date is equally as important as the first because it’s when you and your date start to test the waters. You two should attempt something new together, and who knows, maybe you’ll even wind up discussing some serious issues.

  1. It’s going to be different from the first date. Next time, try something more low-key and relaxing, like a romantic dinner date, especially if you did something out of the ordinary, like go-kart racing or hiking. If you two met over dinner, try switching things up the next time you get together.
  2. If you cannot make a reservation, you should have at least three other sites planned. Not all attractions accept bookings, and the climate in some regions might be unreliable. If the first date you’ve set falls through, you should have at least three backups ready.
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3. You may open up more about your personal life. It’s safe to assume that you shared some intimate details about yourselves during the first date. This time, you have room to fill in the blanks with information and examples you haven’t previously shared.

4. Just tell me about your week. You two should get together for a phone call or exchange text messages to catch up on each other’s lives since your last outing. If you have already discussed the topic, change the subject to more current matters.

5. Dates for the future are proposed. You and your date can talk about other activities you both enjoy. In this way, future dates won’t be as challenging to arrange. And everyone knows how that typically works out for couples. Are you having a hard time deciding?

As a couple, we understand how nerve-wracking it is to fret over what could happen after a first date. Please go with your gut and do what you think is right. Take a chance on your feelings, and savor the time you spend with the person you care about.

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