Texting Jokes

Texting Jokes

How do you make someone laugh via SMS, but you have no idea? You may get a lot of useful advice online. Check out these texting jokes and develop into the kind of person everyone loves to text with.

Everyone appreciates a good sense of humor in others. Therefore, it’s only natural to aim to fill that role for those around us. Because laughter is the best medicine, everyone aspires to be a humorous texter. A sincere compliment makes the recipient smile or chuckle. You’re here because you want to be labeled as humorous, so you can use this information to make people laugh in your online communications.

One way we can bond with others is through comedy. Sharing a common sense of humor can bring people closer together. And sharing a good chuckle, even by text, helps you bond and relax. However, trying too hard to make someone laugh is almost as bad as failing.

Stop trying to remember funny or ironic things to say and instead say something true to who you are. Express your inner freak and wave the banner high.

These days, texting is an integral aspect of everyday life.

Everyone enjoys sending and receiving text messages through traditional short message service (SMS), a social networking platform, or messaging app. We kill time and have meaningful talks with loved ones by talking for hours on end about everything from the weather to politics.

Sending and receiving humorous text messages is the best. These can make you laugh so hard you cry in the middle of the grocery store, make you feel like you need a breather from all the giggling, and generally make a dreary day more bearable.

Humorously learning to text is a skill that should be acquired. For some, keeping talks light and airy rather than emotional and weighty comes naturally; for others, it takes a little practice and knowing what to avoid. We need more optimism in our lives because, let’s face it, no one wants to read an article or a text message that merely lists a variety of negative emotions and difficulties.

A definition for “laughing while texting”

At one time, getting a LOL meant you made someone chuckle via text. Now, those letters only suggest a sense of humor.

You need to get a HAHA or LMFAO back from someone if you want to make them laugh through text. Even the “laugh-cry” emoji conveys either genuine mirth or a smirk. A roll-of-the-tongue laugh is a bonus.

Given the pervasiveness of texting in modern life, a good sense of humor is essential for keeping a conversation going. It’s also great for getting to know someone you have feelings for. The easiest way to win them over, at first sight, is to send them a text message with some flirtatious language and maybe even a joke. If you’re a charming texter, they’ll want to keep texting you, strengthening your romantic connection.

Messages that will make them chuckle

It isn’t hard to make someone chuckle via text. You don’t have to strive too hard if you have a good sense of comedy and good timing. Attempting too hard will only let them see through your act and give up on you as a potential threat. So, just roll with it, but keep things straightforward.

We have some suggestions for you if you struggle to convey your sense of humor in written form. These will help you express your inner jokester in all of your future text messages.


Those unfamiliar with a “meme” should know that it refers to a virally popular piece of media—an picture, video, or simply a short phrase—that has gone viral on the internet because of its universal comedy and appeal. If you are at a loss for humor, use the resources.

You can find memes on Twitter, Instagram, and anywhere online, so you’ll never run out of stuff to make your pals or crush laugh.

Adapt your favorite comic routine

Entertainment media: TV, movies, and stand-up comedians. What is the connection between these? To put it simply, they belong here. Everyone has viewed the Big Bang Theory and Friends. If you want to make someone laugh via text, you should try channeling your inner Jimmy Kimmel or Steve Carell.

What could be better than using a joke from your favorite comedy to cheer them up or to give them a taste of your sense of humor?

Overthinking can only make things worse.

Allowing the humor to flow naturally is the key to making your readers laugh in writing rather than making them roll their eyes.

Don’t reword everything like you’re writing a letter to your manager and start over—a lighthearted moment of laughter. You are not composing a stand-up routine for your Netflix special but rather sending a text message. In other words, don’t worry yourself too much about it. The aim is to make people chuckle, after all.

Keep your manners

Jokes that make us uncomfortable or force us to think outside the box are priceless but tread carefully. In an effort to make someone laugh via text message, one of the worst things you can do is to make them upset. We already established that insulting jokes aren’t humorous.

No jokes about people’s color, sexual orientation, religion, etc. We wish we didn’t have to stress this point, but there are some people who need it brought to their attention.

Use sarcasm, but do it with caution.

We get it; there’s a perception that sarcasm in text messages is taboo. How do you differentiate sarcasm from the truth if you only have words? So, those who share your appreciation for sardonic or deadpan comedy will understand.

Some folks will miss the point. Maybe you don’t share the same sense of humor if that’s the case—a pity.

One-liners are nothing to be terrified of.

Funny people thrive on witty one-liners. You have a habit of thinking of them long after the fact, which is problematic. The beauty of texting is that you have time to consider your message before sending it. Use that clever one-liner you’ve been thinking about and watch the smiles and applause roll in.

Don’t forget always to be true to who you are.

If you want to make someone laugh via SMS, this could be the most crucial piece of advice we can give. While it’s all well to send a hilarious meme or pretend to be your favorite comic through text, neither will have much of an impact if your sense of humor online does not match your real-life demeanor.

It’s possible that you and the person you’re texting don’t have good chemistry if they don’t find your jokes amusing. Send a hilarious SMS to someone who will appreciate it. A person’s sense of humor should not be compromised to make another person laugh via text. It’s crucial that you start by making yourself laugh.

Use GIFs and memes sparingly.

One can never have too many memes or GIFs. We’ve established that a funny or thought-provoking GIF or meme can inject some much-needed energy into a conversation, but we’ve also warned you not to overdo it. Stay away from becoming a specialist in just one area. Be sure to use a variety of words as well.

Create witty one-liners and share them with the world.

Can you think of anything more hilarious than a well-written one-liner? If you become the person in your group chat who often sends these hilarious one-liners, how can you not have learned how to be a fun texter?! Remember that the best one-liners often come to us at inopportune times, so if you come up with one, don’t sit on it. This is perfect comedy timing; an unexpected one will make you laugh until you cry.

Practice restraint

One thing to keep in mind throughout everything is not to overdo it. Knowing when to refrain from using sarcasm, memes, GIFs, and one-liners is an important part of learning to be an entertaining texter. We find excessive use of “lol” quite obnoxious, and if you use it too much in your texts, you will become an annoying rather than amusing person.

What amuses one individual may baffle another.

Following the aforementioned methods should have you well on becoming a fun texter, but there is one crucial consideration to keep in mind. People have different tastes in humor.

Everyone has their unique sense of humor, just as everyone has their unique ‘kind’ of person they find beautiful. That’s why it’s important to keep your comments broad and avoid getting too specific about issues that can offend or bore some listeners. It’s better to avoid discussing touchy topics with someone you don’t know very well, as everyone’s tolerance for pain is unique.

Not everyone will be happy with your decision. For instance, many people do not find sarcasm funny, while others think it hilarious. That’s why assessing your audience before attempting a joke is crucial.

When you do this, the lines, memes, GIFs, and comments you send will be immediately understood without the receiver having to reread them to get the joke.

Precise timing is crucial.

Attempting humor with too much seriousness is not humorous, either. Don’t stress out if your every text message isn’t a masterpiece of witticism. In a group conversation with friends or coworkers, for instance, no one will take you seriously if you are constantly attempting to outdo one another with clever remarks. Make sure you can conduct a natural conversation within a text and that you know how to time your comments for maximum impact.

Timing, familiarity with the recipient(s), and acceptance that you can be too hilarious all at once are the keys to becoming a more entertaining texter. At first, you should avoid utilizing the emoticon and instead concentrate on sharing GIFs and memes that you find funny and that lead towards inside jokes you share with pals. This will boost your self-assurance, allowing you to go on to one-liners and sarcasm.

Making someone laugh via text is much easier than you would think. If you combine these tips with your innate comedy, you’ll soon be the texting envy of your friends.

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