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The Best Ways to Have a Good Time While Staying Safe

The Best Ways to Have a Good Time While Staying Safe

To say that dating is commonplace during COVID is an understatement! You may still enjoy yourself while being safe throughout the pandemic.

The Internet is full of information regarding COVID dating and video chat dates. I have written some myself. However, a recent occurrence involving a close friend of mine prompted the creation of this article.

She is unmarried. For her new work, she needed a physical, so she went to the doctor. As for the desk clerk, she found him attractive and would have loved to ask him out or hand him her phone number. However, there were more unanswered questions than usual.

Without COVID, she might have been rejected because he was already in a relationship or wasn’t interested in her. With COVID, he didn’t have to remove his mask. In her opinion, he was cute from the bridge of his nose to the top of his head, but she might not be interested in him without the mask. It’s impossible to tell if he’s interested in her without seeing her face unveiled.

A date during COVID also presents a unique set of challenges. While wearing masks, should you take an isolated walk? What do you prefer, texting or video chatting?

During COVID, how do you approach a potential date?

Going on a date may be nerve-wracking and unpleasant. Asking someone out is a nerve-wracking experience in and of itself. When you’re desperate for human contact during an epidemic, it’s even scarier.

And if you’re not using online dating, which is probably the most convenient technique for you right now, it can be a little awkward. You may want to follow these recommendations if you plan to ask someone out during COVID.

Be truthful with yourself.

Our face-to-face interactions should be limited, so there’s no need to mince words. If you’d like to meet the manager of your doctor’s office, the delivery driver, or the cashier, just let them know you’re interested in them.

Small chat isn’t the easiest with a mask on. When you can’t see each other’s expressions, it can be tough to communicate. Instead of sloshing around, say something straight away.

Make yourself available for dialogue.

Don’t ask a stranger out on a date right away. Not only is this a bad idea, but it could also be quite upsetting for someone. Give them your Instagram handle or phone number instead of a business card. This way, if they want to reach out, they can, but if they don’t, they aren’t obligated to reject you at the moment. As a result, it is easier to connect with others. This way, you can get to know one other and see if you’d be a good match before meeting together.

Tell a joke to lighten the mood.

If you’re looking for a date during COVID, it’s usually a good idea to ask someone out in a playful manner. Having a little lightheartedness in the midst of all the seriousness of the pandemic will help things go more smoothly.

Talk about your preferences.

Make sure you and the person you’re going out with know what each other needs in order to feel comfortable. Is this the beginning of a virtual relationship for you? The weather permits, but will you wear masks or be socially isolated without masks? How?

Get a check-up.

If you truly want to meet in person, take advantage of COVID testing if it is offered in your area. Do not hesitate to talk about the other people you and your date are in contact with. Are you able to work at home? Having a family or living with roommates is a personal decision.

Dates and intimacy in the midst of a COVID

When it comes to intimacy, what’s the situation? One cannot date for lengthy periods of time without kissing, holding hands, or having intercourse. With whom do you date during COVID, and how do you deal with these issues

Exactly like the rest of them. Talk about it if you’re going to get intimate in any way. The pandemic is not a rom-com, so pulling each other’s clothing off in the heat of the moment isn’t exactly sexy.

Before having sex, you should quarantine yourself for two weeks and get a blood test done. You’ll need to be inside and close to each other to participate in this activity. Quarantining and testing are the only methods that are even remotely safe.

You’ll have to follow a set of rules if you want to be in each other’s social circles. Talk about the jobs, interactions, and whereabouts of your roommate/family members. If that’s the case, do you only leave the house to get groceries while wearing a mask and working from home?

There is less risk if you live with family or roommates who are okay with you allowing a stranger into their home.

When it comes to dating while on COVID, there are a number of factors to keep in mind. As long as you take all the necessary measures, you could emerge from the epidemic with a new best friend.

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