The Difference Between Mildly Crushing And Being Totally Smitten

The Difference Between Mildly Crushing And Being Totally Smitten

If you’re feeling a bit confused about your feelings for someone, you’re not alone. These guides will help you distinguish between mildly crushing on someone and being totally and utterly smitten, allowing you to finally understand the difference.

Everyone experiences romantic feelings for other individuals at some point in their lives. People constantly encounter those they are interested in, whether it’s the attractive bartender, the hottie who is buddies with your friend, or the cute person you encountered on the metro. Is it possible to determine whether or not your crush is indeed the object of your undying affection?

Is it just a crush on the surface or something more serious? Here are all the telltale indicators of a full-blown love affair.

Knowing how much you like your crush is the first step in deciding what to do about the situation. It aids in determining whether the other person is a love interest or merely a pleasant sight. By using these tips, you can figure out if your feelings for this individual are more than just a crush.

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When you’re in their presence, your stomach does a flip. The stomach fluttering at the sight of your crush or after spending time with them is like a biological alarm going off to let you know that you’re attracted to this person.

So, if your stomach literally feels like it contains a field’s worth of fluttering butterflies when you connect with your crush, they have a lot of promise, and you genuinely like them.

You can’t help but dwell on your thoughts of that person. If you find yourself thinking about the person you like at work, home, the gym, and the grocery store, you really like them.

When you meet someone so appealing, you can’t get them out of your mind, that’s when you know you’ve met someone special. While this may have a short-term impact on your productivity at the office, it bodes well for your romantic prospects.

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You constantly check your phone to see whether they have sent a text message. It’s more than just casual dating if you find yourself checking your phone excessively to see whether your crush has contacted you. You probably won’t feel as compelled to check your phone in a less formal setting constantly.

While waiting for a response from them, time appears to drag on inexorably. When you have feelings for someone, the time between texts can feel like an age. In other cases, the time frame could be as short as a few hours. These few hours can feel like days or weeks if you have a strong emotional investment in the other person. Time slowing down while texting your admirer is a sure sign if you’re seriously smitten with them.

If you see them spending a lot of time with anyone else, it makes you envious. If you’re feeling jealous of your crush, it’s a sure indicator that you’re in love with them head over heels. If you didn’t care about them, you wouldn’t get worked up over the fact that they’re chatting it up with someone of the opposing sex.

I repeat: take care! Clinginess and neediness are turnoffs. Don’t let jealous thoughts derail your pursuit of love.

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You no longer care about other people as much as you used to. If you start losing interest in other people because of your infatuation, there’s indicator number six that you’re truly into them. What this means is that you find this individual so enticing that they make everyone else seem unimportant. Because they are deserving of your time and effort, your mind has no trouble assigning them a higher priority.

Getting married to this individual is something you’re thinking about. You know you really like someone when you start thinking about proposing to them. The vows exchanged in a marriage are the most binding imaginable. It’s a major red flag that you’re seriously considering proposing to them and raising a family with them if you’ve been thinking about doing any of those things.

You can’t stop talking about this individual. Another telltale indicator that you’re head over heels in love is when you can’t stop gushing about your infatuation with your pals. That’s especially the case if your friends are sick of hearing about the person and constantly advise you to stop talking about them.

Every time you see the person, you talk with them and flirt with them. You know you’re like someone when you can’t seem to go a single conversational exchange without complimenting or flirting with them.

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Your flirting may seem robotic since you don’t want to miss any chances to impress or connect with the other person. In other words, if you find yourself flirting incessantly, it’s a sign that you’re deeply interested in this person.

You care much about what they think of you. Once you start worrying about what your crush thinks about everything, you know you’re head over heels in love. Take hockey, for example: maybe the guy you like is a huge fan. This may be noteworthy if you’ve never been interested in hockey before but find yourself reading about the National Hockey League in the newspaper.

Another sign you’re head over heels for your crush is if you find your political beliefs moving to align with theirs.

Getting to the bottom of your feelings for the other person is important for making sound romantic choices. You wouldn’t want to pass on great possibilities because you failed to recognize the clues that they were perfect for you.

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