The Friendzone is a Platonic Term, Not a Real One

The Friendzone is a Platonic Term, Not a Real One

Friendzone is a platonic term that’s been used many times before. Nowadays, it’s so commonplace that it’s become accepted as a normal part of the discussion. The term “friend-zoned” is frequently used to describe people who aren’t getting what they desire from a love engagement. A platonic relationship, on the other hand, is much less prevalent.

Friendzone is a Platonic Term

Most of these folks seem to be overlooking that the term “friendzone” is entirely made up and is being used to explain a wide range of inappropriate behavior.

What is the origin of the friendzone?

Men who are disappointed because a woman they are interested in does not want to initiate a love relationship or have sex with them have coined the phrase “friendzone.” How often have you heard a woman upset about being in the friend zone?

It’s rare because most women prefer to keep their connections strictly platonic and are uninterested in dating. Because they are more interested in friendship for the sake of friendship, they are less likely to let their ego be injured.

Friendzone is a Platonic Term

Ultimately, rejection is painful, but it shouldn’t prevent you from forming genuine friendships with other people.

It’s also possible that your crush is only flirting with you to get your attention, and that’s unfair. A situation like this should never happen to you. They aren’t deserving of your love or friendship in the least.

Nevertheless, just because someone hasn’t shown you any signs of anything more than friendship doesn’t imply they deserve to be criticized or ridiculed. Speaking your mind to another person is very acceptable. Criticism of them for not feeling the same way is a bad idea.

Why should I not be annoyed if I think someone is friendzoning me?

If you’ve been friend-blocked by someone you’re interested in, likely, they’re not doing it maliciously. For whatever reason, they are not on the same page as you. You shouldn’t expect them to be able to turn off their romantic sentiments since they can’t. They’re living, breathing human people with thoughts and emotions of their own. To view friendship as a punishment is wrong and should be avoided at all costs.

Friendzone is a Platonic Term

As a friend-zoned person, do not react in a defensive or hostile manner. We can conclude that your interest was based solely on the promise of pleasure.

If you treat someone like you’re “friends,” they’ll think you’re using or objectifying them. It’s not true friendship if you’re only friends with someone in the hopes of starting a relationship or hoping to be laid. Women aren’t commodities to be exchanged or gained for anything.

TV shows and major blockbusters often use this type of storyline, in which the male protagonist is invariably rewarded with a hot girl at the end of the film for accomplishing his goal. As a “nice person,” some people think they’re entitled to a sense of privilege in the real world, even if they aren’t.

Duplicity on the part of a “good guy.”

Friendzone is a Platonic Term

There are a plethora of charming males to be found. The kind of men that don’t mind being platonic if they find out their affections aren’t reciprocated. It’s also possible to find “good guy” dudes who believe that by referring to themselves as such, they are entitled to reciprocating their feelings.

He puts on a show of fake niceness when he doesn’t get what he wants or gets rejected. Hurtful behavior is quickly replaced.

Every woman has encountered at least one male who initially appears kind but quickly reveals himself to be manipulative, pompous, or relentless. I’ve met so many that I can’t keep track of them all.

Friendzone is a Platonic Term

If the person you’re interested in desires a platonic relationship, these so-called “good guys” will turn passive-aggressive or resentful. Because they don’t respect their boundaries, they’re the type of men who can’t understand why women keep friend-zoning them.

They hold grudges against any lady who rejects them. When their ego is bruised, they rapidly turn angry.

If they find out I already have a boyfriend, they get nasty; if they text me after I’ve made it plain I’m not interested in dating, they become “good guys” who don’t know how to accept a no for an answer. The individuals I’ve had these encounters with have all been men with whom I’ve never flirted or implied that anything would happen.

Try purely platonic for 10 reasons instead of using the term “friendzone.”

Women all across the world experience this regularly. ‘Friendzone’ may seem like a fun expression or joke to some, but the issues surrounding it are toxic and harmful.

1. It’s rare to come across true friendship. 

Just being friends with another person is fine. No one owes us anything, including our friendship, and no one owes us anything at all. Don’t expect too much from a friendship.

2. It’s critical to treat others with dignity and respect.

Consider yourself fortunate if you can’t get a date with someone who doesn’t like you. Nobody else knows what it’s like to be them. Recognize that they are aware when a relationship is doomed to fail.

3. It’s hard, to tell the truth about someone’s character because of this.

You shouldn’t think you’re entitled to anything simply because you’re a decent person. Is it worth it if you only do it for your self-esteem or because it makes you feel better?

4. Always, it’s a mutual agreement.

A friend-zoned claim is made only based on the individual making it, with no consideration given to the other person’s perspective or experience with the situation. If they’re not attracted to you, they’re just being honest. They’re not being unfair.

5. An attraction that isn’t there is artificially created.

Why would you want to be in a relationship with someone just because you persuaded them that you were worth it or because they felt awful for rejecting you? Don’t waste your time if they’re not interested in a long-term relationship.

6. It is sexist.

It’s a common belief that women should constantly apologize when they don’t fit in with society’s expectations. The friendzone concept plays into this thought. When someone is honest about something they aren’t comfortable with, it’s not terrible.

7. Often, it’s hard to tell.

If you’re worried that being rejected will hurt your feelings, consider how she must feel if she learns that you only wanted to hang out with her to get some sort of reward, such as sex.

8. Others disagree with you.

You can’t expect them to develop affection for you until you’ve been honest with them from the start. Feelings can sometimes develop. There is no responsibility to change one’s viewpoint if a friendship does not become a partnership.

9. As far as we know, love comes naturally to everyone.

Friendship is harmful because it reinforces the belief that love can be gained depending on the time you spend trying to court a stranger. When there is anything real to love, it is felt. Having a lot of time with someone doesn’t mean they’ll fall in love with you.

10. It legitimizes nefarious conduct by making it acceptable.

Guys I’ve been friends with in the past have complimented me on how lovely I am. Afterward, I was informed I was a “bitch” or a “whore” for rejecting them. A person’s mask only begins to peel off when they believe they’ve been friendzoned.

Many individuals believe in a “friendzone,” but you don’t have to be one. Don’t go against your friend’s desires if they want to keep things platonic. Move on and find someone you don’t have to pressure into a relationship.

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