The Mature Way To Handle A Crush On A Coworker

We’ve all learned the hard way that it’s not a good idea to develop romantic feelings for a coworker or have a sexual relationship with them at the office. However, in practice, this is much more difficult.

Developing romantic feelings for a coworker is one of the worst things that may happen to you on the job. Still, it’s impossible to avoid developing feelings for a coworker. A lot of the time, you see them more frequently than you see your own family or significant other.

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Having romantic feelings for a coworker is, therefore, not something to be embarrassed about. I’ve worked in a variety of fields, and in each one, I eventually fell for the boss’s handsome son. Of course, I needed some sort of incentive to wake up and go to work; the job was terrible.

Second, the sad drama that ensued as a result of my crush on a coworker provided the only stimulation I needed at the moment.

Handling a crush on a coworker:

1. Discover the root of your crush on them. 

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You should discover what it is about them that you find appealing. Perhaps you’re currently feeling uninspired, and this is just what you need to pique your interest. Exactly why this is, I am oblivious to, but you are aware of it. If you want to move on from your crush, you need to face the truth right now.

2. Put an end to discussing it with other employees. 

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If there’s one thing I’ve learned about the office, it’s that rumors fly like wildfire. You can bet your life that word will get around if you tell a few folks about your secret crush on a coworker.

3. You should limit your non-work related interactions with them. 

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It’s cool to socialize with people you work with, but if you only do so in your own time, you might want to consider expanding your social circle to include people who aren’t your crush.

You should avoid them or spend as little time as possible with them. You shouldn’t visit them unless there’s an absolute necessity for it in your line of business.

4. Consider your own romantic connection, assuming you have one. 

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Is there something happening in your current relationship that’s causing you to look elsewhere? That’s the first thing you should check out. Possibly, you and your partner need to pay attention to some problems in your relationship.

5. Don’t forget to spend time on your interests outside of work. 

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Occasionally, when you go home from the office, all you can do is dwell on them. All that useless information about what they said, what they wore, and who they talked to that day.

6. Get your mind off of it. 

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If you’re at work, you shouldn’t be fixating on someone across the room but the task at hand. Keep yourself busy at work so that you don’t have as much time to worry about or discuss them.

7. Establish limits for yourself at work. 

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Seeing this individual every day can make moving on from them difficult. Create limits for yourself. Stop having lunch with them if you do so regularly. You should probably find someone else to talk to if you’re spending your coffee breaks with them. Having a crush is like an addiction, so think of this as your time in rehabilitation.

8. Think about the fallout before you act. 

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Consider the potential consequences before you decide whether or not to pursue your crush. On the other hand, many of my friends and acquaintances have met their future spouses at work.

Figure out if this is going to be a serious relationship or if it will end after tonight. Because risking one’s employment should not be undertaken unless the stakes are high.

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Don’t rush anything. I know it’s hard to get over a crush. Getting over my high school crush took me a whole six years. Okay, so I wasn’t dwelling on him constantly, but I also wasn’t able to go on.

At least, I did until I realized what a jerk he really was. However, the point is that this is not something that can be accomplished overnight. Your recovery from this heartbreak could take a long time. Work with them, and you’ll find it challenging.

You should now do what you know will help you get over your crush on a coworker. Not a simple task, but you’ll feel much better without this hanging over your head at the office.

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