The Pros and Cons of Having Sexual Relationships with Coworkers

It may feel inevitable at times to have sexual relations with employees. Think about the consequences of getting into bed with them before you really do it.

Our jobs take up the bulk of our time during the day. That means we’ll never get a break from staring at the same handful of faces. A positive work environment is one in which employees feel comfortable expressing themselves and are respected by management. At times, this can be really annoying. 

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Politics at work can be a boon or a bane depending on how you choose to use it. Before engaging in sexual activity with employees, just make sure you don’t ruin a good thing by making it bad.

There’s a good reason why employers frown upon sexual encounters between employees. Having an affair at work is a bad idea. If all you can think about is sneaking off for a quickie in a quiet corner of the office, it will be hard to concentrate on your work. If an employer finds out about a romantic relationship between two employees, they may terminate the employee.

Coworker sex, the good and the bad:

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I’m not saying that having sex at work is always bad. A major perk is spending all your free time with the person you have romantic feelings for, thereby increasing your familiarity with them and getting their undivided focus. However, we must admit that there are both positive and negative aspects to this.

Here are the pros, cons, and unpleasant truths about having sex at the office.

Daily encounters with them are provided for you.

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Pro: What could be more ideal than spending each day with the one you love? Once you begin a sexual activity or a romantic engagement with someone, you want to spend every waking moment with them. The nicest aspect of establishing a new relationship is spending as much time as possible talking or texting each other. Having to spend so much time together at work… yay!

Con: After the novelty of a new relationship wears off (after a few weeks or months), partners tend to spend less time together. In fact, whether you’re in a good relationship or a bad one, spending too much time together can drive a stake right through the middle of it.

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At first, the prospect of spending every day with them, rain or shine, prosperous or impoverished, may seem thrilling. Being thrown together whether you like it or not isn’t so great the first time you quarrel or they get on your nerves.

They become quite familiar to you.

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Pro: A strong connection between two people begins with an in-depth exploration of each other’s personalities and interests. In the workplace, you get to know someone’s true character via the ups and downs, the good times and the bad. That’s helpful if you ever want to take workplace sexual encounters to the next level and develop a serious relationship with a coworker.

Con: We all have separate “professional identities” and “personal selves” that we only reveal to those closest to us. Having s*x with a coworker is a surefire way to see all sides of that person.

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The folks we share our beds with may have secrets we’d rather keep hidden. For instance, it’s not appealing to watch someone deliberately pass over a deserving candidate for a promotion. Sometimes the things we learn about someone at work alter our opinion of them as a person.

Now that you’re more energized, you look forward to coming to the office.

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Pro: The benefits of having sex with a coworker include the pleasure of seeing their beautiful smile (and other attributes) every day at work. Compare that to the few times you go on dates, and you get to do that every morning. If your relationship is going well, you can’t wait to see your partner in bed.

Con: You don’t give a damn about your job unless it means seeing the person you have sex with more often. Attraction and fantasizing about future sexual encounters can be distracting at the office.

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If you’re having trouble concentrating, you might start slacking off and forget about that promotion you were aiming for. Having sex with a coworker can have negative consequences for your professional life.

As a team, you have the ability to work through the night to complete tasks.

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Pro: The only thing better than celebrating a job well done as a team is having good sex with your coworkers. Sexual satisfaction is amplified when you and your partner work together to achieve a common goal. You can “knock one out” in the bedroom after you’ve “knocked one out” at work.

Con: Your job will suffer since you work late nights together and accomplish nothing. If the two of you were alone in the same room, you would definitely be touching each other.

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When sexual activity with a coworker interferes with your ability to execute your job, it is not beneficial for either of you. It could cause animosity between you and the other person, or even worse, a professional setback like a demotion or loss of employment.

A dash of suspense could be added by sneaking around.

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Pro: There’s definitely a cool factor to being discreet when having sex. In the same vein as having a quickie with an ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend at your parents’ place. It’s true that some people enjoy engaging in sexual activity of a more risqué nature in their workplace.

The thrill increases if doing so is against company policy. The allure of an illicit romance can’t be beat.

Cons: You may have to sneak about or risk getting fired or, even worse, divorced. When one or both partners are already in a relationship or even married, the stakes are much higher if they sneak around to have sex for reasons other than office politics. Sex, for the thrill of it, is fantastic, but not if getting caught means you lose everything.

Perhaps you’ll meet your perfect match this way.

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Pro: A positive aspect is that not all sexual encounters between coworkers end badly or negatively. Sometimes you meet the one you’ve been waiting for at the office. There are certain professions that are only temporary, and if you feel a connection to someone, it may be more vital to take a chance on love than to worry about the consequences of a work that you don’t really care about.

Con: The downside is that if things don’t go as planned, it’s a terrible experience. I think that’s all there is to say on the matter. If things don’t go well, you’ll either have to spend the next two decades working with them or part ways. Both of those choices are terrible if you want to have some sex with a coworker.

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Sometimes it makes sense to have sex with a coworker, and sometimes it doesn’t. How committed you are to your career, your personal relationships, the effects on your workplace, and your goals are all factors.

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