The Ultimate Tinder Hookup Guide: Everything You Need To Know

There’s no use in denying it; we all want to hit the town. We’re all familiar with Tinder, however there is an ultimate Tinder hookup guide for finding a match on that app.

Tinder is a very stylish mobile app. How can you possibly dislike an app that helps you meet new people in your immediate area? Exactly. Really, it couldn’t be simpler. Okay, let me clarify: using Tinder is simple at first, but maintaining a relationship with someone you met on the app can be trickier. Why? Because now you have to interact with that individual, and all your charm and good looks won’t help if you don’t have at least some proficiency in communicating with them.

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Take it from me: I want to see you succeed on Tinder. This life is difficult enough; there’s no need to make getting laid a herculean task. However, before you can worry about actually getting laid, you need to find a date on Tinder. Now that you’re ready to dive into the dating pool, here are some pointers to help you get started.

Tinder hookup strategies:

Just swiping isn’t enough. Looking for a Tinder hookup requires a lot more work than just downloading the app. Let’s check them out.

1. Use Tinder at your own risk. 

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Hey, it’s Tinder for the modern age. Don’t overthink it; just swipe through profiles, start talking to people you’re interested in, and see where it goes from there. Tinder addicts never seem to find true love on the app. I don’t care if someone unmatches you.

2. Stop worrying so much about attracting a sexual partner.

I appreciate that you’re on Tinder to score a fling, but if you’re going to be a total psycho while you’re there, it’s not going to be fun. Don’t worry, just scroll mindlessly through potential matches until you find one. It’s possible to get unmatched if you match with a girl and then immediately bring up sexual topics. It’s only natural that we’d all like to have some sex now and then. Women, however, object to being reduced to little more than a sexual object.

3. Photographs have a crucial role. 

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Tinder is the name of the app. So, your images are the first thing that women notice about you. Get a good picture of yourself doing something you enjoy, and don’t simply show your head and shoulders. Perhaps it’s a snapshot of you jet skiing or out for a stroll with Fido. Get your argument across clearly.

4. Know exactly what it is you want. 

Make it quite clear in your profile that you are seeking a committed, long-term relationship. You’re wasting their time as well as your own if you can’t communicate well. If you’re not interested in a serious relationship, you don’t have to come right out and state it; simply stating that you’re “looking for fun” will do.

5. Get down on paper and compose them. 

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Even though it’s the 21st century and women can initiate contact, it’s clear that many men are still expected to do so. Not wasting time waiting for a woman to write you is a waste of time, so just write her. Don’t spend any more time and write her once you realize you’re a match.

6. Don’t let the talk lag; keep it lively. 

I realize that dating shouldn’t involve games, yet it does. That’s merely a game, I hate to say it. In doing so, you hope to demonstrate your attractiveness to the person you are chatting with. Keep the chat engaging and utilize sophisticated language to stand out on Tinder.

7. You must learn when to quit. 

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Unmatch her if she stops responding to your messages or if her replies are always short and vague. She’s not worth it, and even if you’re just searching for a Tinder hookup, you want someone you can talk to.

8. Don’t try to imitate anyone else. 

If you’re not naturally hilarious, don’t try to be. You can discover a woman who values a man who takes his life and career seriously. Being fake on a date can only lead to a night out with someone you have zero chemistry with. In any case, that’s fine, but it won’t end well if the two of you decide to have sexual relations.

9. Do not rush into sexual activity.

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In other words, you’re going on a date with her. Maybe the two of you are only looking for a casual hookup, but nobody appreciates being treated like a commodity. First, you need to talk to her, joke with her, and de-escalate the situation before proceeding. I know you’re hoping to have a Tinder encounter with her, and since it looks like that’s what’s going to happen, you might as well have fun with it.

Don’t take Tinder too seriously if that’s what you’re after: a casual hookup. You’ll find a suitable partner if you just chill out for a while. It’ll take time, and there will be some mistakes along the way, but that’s all a normal part of the learning process.

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