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The Unspoken Rules of Dating

Texting Etiquette That You Need To Keep In Mind

Texting has limitations, regardless of whether you believe it or not. So, if you’ve ever wondered why you haven’t received a response, now you know.

People who claim that dating is a breeze are lying, and they should know better. No one said it would be simple, and I’m not going to sugarcoat it. By bombing our date, we discover all the unspoken regulations that we must follow. In retrospect, we may recognize our flaws after several failed attempts. However, it’s far easier to identify where you went wrong on a date than it is in a text message or email. No, I didn’t even know there were texting rules.

You can observe your date’s physical reaction if you say anything incorrect or unpleasant. They might squirm in their seat or stare at you strangely. In other words, you mentally go back in time to the moment when you made the mistake.

It’s a little different when you’re texting. Even if someone texted “haha,” did they actually find that amusing? Is it a sign that they’ve given up if they simply say, “ok” instead of continuing the conversation? Aren’t things more complex than that? However, there are a few texting guidelines to follow or adhere to that will help you have a more pleasant texting experience.

There are texting rules that you must obey.

Using these messaging guidelines can help you avoid some of the most common pitfalls of texting. After a few months of terrible luck, it’s time to look at your text content rather than your method of communication. Texting isn’t as complicated as you might believe.

It is important to use proper grammar and spelling.

You may believe it’s nice to say “n2m” or “brb.” That was in 2008, after all. Grammar and spelling are more important than ever before. Use slang if you want to, but just with your pals. If you want to communicate with someone, learn to speak English effectively. You don’t want the user to feel like they’re deciphering a code. Not a big fan of it.

Watch out for jokes.

The fact that you can hear and see your face when you tell a joke while sitting in front of someone indicates to them that what you said is a joke. But when it comes to text, they see nothing. In some cases, people misinterpret our text jokes, leading to a tense situation. Instead, utilize emojis at the conclusion of the joke, such as a wink face, to be completely safe. People benefit from the guidance provided by this tool.

It’s not required that you wait to react.

What’s the point of waiting a few minutes before responding to a message? When the talk is going so well, there’s no need to wait. Wait a few minutes before replying if you feel like you’re being too eager. Don’t worry about the reaction time. Just do what you believe is best for you at the time. They’ll respond if they like you.

Know when to end.

They’re the ones who try to keep the discussion going when it clearly isn’t going anywhere. Even if the conversation stops, you still have a chance to get to know this individual. Despite the fact that a conversation is over, people remain in love. Keep in mind that a connection between two people doesn’t necessitate a constant flow of speech.

Keep your messages to a minimum.

An essay isn’t what a person wants when they get a text. It’s always a bad sign when a piece of writing has a lot of words. Be succinct in your communication. If writing them a letter takes you longer than thirty seconds, why not just call them?

Give what you get.

If they respond to your message with a one or two-word response, do the same. If you’re not getting anything to work with, why would you risk injuring yourself by writing a lengthy essay? As a general rule, if they send you a lengthy text, don’t respond with a one-word response.

Laugh for the right reasons.

If someone stated something that’s not actually hilarious, don’t reply in a succession of “ha’s.” It’s better to be honest and give it the “ha” or “hah”* that it truly deserves. Let loose with your “ha’s” if they’ve said something truly amusing, but restrain yourself.

Make sure you get permission before making a call.

The days of people talking on the phone are numbered. The fact that we text does not imply our desire to talk to you on the phone. They could be occupied, for all we know. To speak with someone on the phone, you can send a message to see if they’ll accept it.

Don’t use text to vent about your problems.

Texting isn’t meant to be a substitute for face-to-face interaction or verbal exchanges. Do not text them if you have an issue with this person. In-person, sit-down chats are the best place to have these kinds of discussions. Even though it’s scary, don’t hide behind your computer.

Consider your fellow texters when you’re composing your messages.

You should only text them if you are aware of their schedule. So, unless it’s an emergency, avoid contacting them late at night if they sleep. The majority of individuals would rather die than be woken up by a barrage of useless text messages.

To become an excellent texter, adhere to these guidelines. Your words have an impact as well. Then, perhaps, re-read your texts if you don’t hear back after following these guidelines.

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