Warning Signs of a Bad Kiss and How To Be a Great Kisser

The Warning Signs of a Bad Kiss & How to be a Great Kisser

Could it be that you’re an awful kisser who has no idea? In this article, learn the warning signs of a bad kiss and how to be a great kisser.

You probably know the telltale indicators of a poor kisser when you see, feel, or taste them. Yuck!

You should read on if you believe you are a bad kisser or if you wish to assist a bad kisser in improving.

The act of kissing between two people should be mutually pleasurable. It’s a personal action motivated by strong feelings like love, infatuation, or affection. It’s a small thing people do to express their emotions to one another.

On the other hand, a lousy kisser can convert all that goodness into something awful.

There are a variety of reasons why people kiss. It might be a sign of affection, an introduction to sexual activity, or an indication of a want for something. It doesn’t matter how two people arrive at a conclusion, that’s no excuse for sloppy work. The ability to recognize a bad kisser early on can save a potentially awkward situation later on.

Why are some people just terrible kissers?

Someone with poor kissing skills has no concept how to make the other person’s mouth feel good. One of the best in the league, in their mind. They don’t realize how much they’re spoiling the atmosphere by drooling all over you.

A terrible kisser is someone who doesn’t adjust their technique based on factors like where they are or how their partner is feeling.

What’s even worse? You may be included in this category without ever realizing it. Keep an eye out for these telltale indicators of a lousy kisser in your own mouth, too.

1. Chapped lips.

Dry lips can make kissing uncomfortable or even painful. It’s a poor breath-maker, too. Besides, nobody finds an attractive pair of dry lips. Furthermore, bleeding may occur if the dry lips are already chapped or cracked. Definitely not endearing.

2. Slobber.

That’s the main criticism leveled towards unattractive kissers. Some people intentionally lubricate their mouths before a kiss, despite the fact that certain medical disorders might induce an excess of saliva production. Even though dribbling saliva on each other is an unavoidable risk of kissing, a torrent of it can be embarrassing.

3. Biting.

If it’s the right time, of course, it can be seductive. An unpleasant makeout session might be ruined by excessive biting. Besides causing pain, it might also make your partner feel awkward. Never do something in public; instead, wait for permission or do it in private. Biting someone’s lip or tongue after a few pecks or in public is unacceptable behavior.

4. Gasping for air.

Having a cold or a stuffy nose is no excuse for breathing heavily on your kissing partner. A similar no-no is gasping for air as if you were drowning. In addition to being an indication of a lousy kisser, trying to catch one’s breath during a passionate embrace may indicate a medical emergency.

5. Inadequate oral hygiene has led to bad breath.

Either you have an undetected gastrointestinal condition, or you ate too many onion rings. Whether your partner can detect your breath from across the room or not, a kiss won’t get off the ground if your partner can smell it.

6. The tongue is the primary point of contact initially.

When you’re feeling very passionate, it’s only natural that your tongue would want to rush in. Nonetheless, a certain degree of understatement can be quite alluring.

When you first meet someone, it’s not appropriate to spill your guts about everything about yourself, right? Time and effort are required. This also applies to making passionate kissing gestures. Don’t try to force your physical chemistry to conform to anything. Act naturally and avoid pronouncing words too forcefully.

Can a terrible kisser be fixed?

The secret to a passionate kiss is learning your partner’s preferences. Consider the kiss’s surroundings and context.

Developing poor kissing habits is simple, but being in sync with your spouse is essential.

1. Remember to brush your teeth.

Don’t feel obligated to do it before puckering up. Do it before you arrange to see your date. Also, avoid caffeine and garlic before becoming intimate. Absolutely nobody wants it to happen.

2. Put a lip balm.

Before locking lips, it’s good practice for both sexes to apply some lip balm. It may soften and moisturize your lips, and if you use a flavored one, it can even add a little slide to your kiss. If you have a reputation as a poor kisser, this will help change that.

3. Just chew on a mint.

There’s nothing wrong with sounding cliche or appearing to be ready for a kiss. They’ll appreciate it if you do this on a date.

4. Insist on some alone time.

Lightly kissing your lover is fine when people are around, but making out is frowned upon. Make sure no one around you will mind if you absolutely must. One who isn’t savvy in the bedroom isn’t merely inept at kissing.

5. Don’t rush anything.

Peck your date gently on the lips before you continue. If they return the favor, you can begin moving your lips in a comfortable way for both of you. Understanding the context is key to improving your kissing skills.

6. Use your nose to take in air.

Have no fear. A kiss won’t cause you to suffocate. Do not continue the kiss if you find that you are unable to maintain a steady breath.

7. Be careful with your tongue.

Avoid following the trends touted in publications and clickbait stories. Make sure your tongue movement is in sync with your partner’s for proper usage.

Try out different approaches and settle on one that benefits both of you instead of forcing your will on the other.

Kissing comes easily to some people. People gush about them after dates because they have such a wonderful kissing techniques. Following these guidelines and avoiding being a lousy kisser, you can join their ranks.

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