There Are 13 Easy-to-Miss Signs That Your Partner Is Cheating

I’m sorry to tell you this, but people do cheat. It’s important to find out early on if your partner is cheating so you can end the relationship.

I want to say that we live in a world where people keep their promises, but not everyone does. And it’s really sad that we need to learn how to spot a cheating partner. When you’re in a relationship with someone, you assume they follow the same rules as you, including being faithful.

The 13 most clear signs that your partner is cheating on you:

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Once, the guy I was seeing cheated on me while I was traveling. Before he told me, I already knew that he had. I don’t know if he did what he did because he was bored or because he didn’t feel anything. It’s not a good feeling to find out that someone lied to you after you let them into your life.

How to determine if your partner is being swayed by someone else and having an affair.

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This doesn’t mean, however, that your partner is cheating on you. Even if they get home late one night from work, that doesn’t mean they’re sleeping with someone else. Most cheaters have something in common that you should look out for.

But before you start pointing fingers and accusing your partner of cheating, you should get some proof and closely watch how they act. Observe for the signs that your partner is cheating, so you know what to do next.

#1 You feel it. 

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You didn’t get here yesterday. Listen, no matter what other people say, you have a good sense of things. Yes, you should look for the signs and get proof. If you feel like they are cheating on you, you should listen to your gut. It doesn’t mean that they are cheating, but it does mean that something is wrong.

#2: They have new passwords all of a sudden.

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Not just on their phone, but on everything they own. Strange, no? Why would they change their passwords all of a sudden? Well, there’s no reason for that unless they just got new devices. Listen, they don’t have to tell you their password, but it’s not good if they never had a password before and now they do.

#3: The sex is different now. 

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Your love life has all of a sudden changed. You’re either having more or less sex, but whatever is going on, it’s clear. It could be less sex because your partner is trying to make someone else happy, or it could be more sex because they feel bad or want to show you something new in the bedroom. Why do people who are in happy relationships still cheat on their partners?

#4: You can’t always get to them.

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There are times during the day when you can’t get in touch with them. Whether you call them or send them a text, they don’t answer for a few hours. If your partner is committing infidelity, they will be less likely to answer your texts and phone calls. Makes sense, right? They have something else to do.

#5: Their friends do strange things. 

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Their friends know they are cheating on you. How could they keep that secret? Someone is aware. Have you noticed how different their friends act around you? Maybe they don’t want to talk to you or are being unusually nice.

#6: The emotional bond weakens. 

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You used to share everything with each other, but now your partner doesn’t tell you as much. Most of the time, it’s because they tell someone else how they feel and what they think. Why would they waste their time saying these things twice?

#7: They don’t like you. 

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When they’re around you, they seem nervous and almost annoyed by your presence. When someone is cheating, they say it’s your fault. It’s one way they can explain why they do what they do. They make you feel like you did something wrong, even though you haven’t.

#8: They’ve changed how they look. 

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They’re out shopping and getting their hair cut all of a sudden. Things they had never done before. They could be following the “New Year, New Me” motto, or they could be trying to please someone else. If they used to wear rags but now wear Gucci watches and carry Gucci bags, something is wrong.

#9 Their schedule changes. 

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They used to get home every day at five, but now they stay at work late, go on business trips during the week or on the weekend, or get stuck in a lot of traffic jams. And it doesn’t make sense to you. They have a good reason for why they can’t come home when they usually do.

#10: They are spending more money.

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But you don’t know what happens to the money. You see their credit card bills piling up, but you can’t figure out what they’re buying with the money. That’s simple. You won’t get the money; it will go to someone else.

#11: Someone’s social media is full of them.

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You never paid attention to their social media before, but now you’ve noticed that they like a certain person’s post too often. Maybe they even comment on them, or you see them adding people you’ve never met to their list of friends.

#12: They never stop talking on the phone. 

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A normal couple wouldn’t care if their phones are on the table or in the kitchen. But your partner takes their phone with them everywhere. It’s always with them. That’s strange. Why can’t they put their phone in your hands?

#13: You talk to them, and they blame someone else.

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Maybe you’ve talked to them about it, and if you have, that’s great. But you didn’t find the answer you wanted. Instead of coming clean, they ignore you or change the subject to something else. Classic.

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