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These are the daily habits of the happiest couples

Each couple is unique in its own way. While a wild night on the town might be your ideal date night, it could be the worst nightmare for a couple who prefers to stay in and binge watch Netflix. Regardless of how varied your preferences and tastes may be, every couple is looking for the same thing: happiness. Because a happy couple is always a #couplegoals, right?

As such, regardless of what you and your significant other enjoy doing, we encourage you to check out these seven behaviors and activities that our experts suggest the happiest couples engage in on a regular basis.

1. Always say “Hello” and “Goodbye”

Couples who have a morning or evening ritual of greeting and saying goodbye to one another have been found to have better relationships, according to research. Why? For the simple reason that you are putting forth the effort to find each other. It isn’t taken for granted but deliberately acknowledged at these times.

2. Always Keep in Touch

When couples stay in touch, they help lift each other’s moods. You can do this by keeping in touch with one another throughout the day, whether it’s through phone calls, text messages, or emails, just to say “hello,” express your affection, or inquire about one another’s evening plans. How wonderful it is to know that our partner prioritizes us even when we are not together.

3. Indulge in Uninterrupted Personal Time

And it wasn’t for a brief moment. Every day, the happiest couples spend at least 15 minutes of quality time together. When you and your partner spend a significant amount of time looking each other in the eyes, you are able to have meaningful talks that go beyond the exchange of facts.

4. Join the Fun!

Every chance they get, happily married couples laugh and joke around. Perhaps you take a picture of something amusing you see on the street and email it to your spouse, or you send each other cheesy jokes as a means to liven up a dull day.

5. Assert Yourself and Others

A happy relationship is one in which one person makes the other feel good. Why? Because complimenting your partner on a daily basis will do more than increase their self-esteem. You learn more about your partner and appreciate the value they bring to your life by focusing on the good things they do.

6. Set a Bedtime Routine

Isolation at night is an excellent technique to improve intimacy, and it’s not only sex. For those who are close to one another, this can help you feel more secure in your relationship. And, of course, it will improve the likelihood that you and your partner will have sex, which is always a good thing.

7. Declare “I Love You” in the language of their partner’s heart

You can express your love in a variety of ways, from spending quality time together to purchasing gifts. The most contented couples are those that are able to speak their partner’s language of love. No one doubts how you feel about one other if you speak your partner’s love language daily. It also demonstrates a willingness to step beyond your comfort zone in order to communicate your feelings in a way that they can relate to the most.

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