Tips For Asking A Friend Out

Tips For Asking A Friend Out Without Ruining Your Friendship

Interested in learning the art of the friendly ask? Here are some tips for how to ease into the conversation and ask your friend out.

Finding the right words to use while asking a buddy out might be difficult.

After all, the consequences of asking a buddy out can be dramatic and long-lasting.

So, how do you go about asking a friend out on a date? You may have had a crush on a friend for quite some time, but you should not confess your feelings unless you are confident in your ability to do so.

Instead, if you know how to get your friend to fall in love with you, it won’t be long until that happens.

Approaching a friend about going on a date.

Almost four out of five times, a friend’s date request will be declined. It’s not that your buddy doesn’t find you beautiful or entertaining; rather, there was simply no reason for her to consider you a dating option.

And when that happens, it’s not just humiliating and terrible, but it also changes your friendship forever.

A friendship didn’t develop out of a simple date.

You took the initiative here and asked your pal out on a date. This is a significant distinction.

You have, in effect, introduced a fatal fault into this plan. No one but your best buddy knows that you have romantic feelings for them. If you had been more forthcoming with that information, maybe your friend would have considered you for a romantic relationship.

In that case, what happens?

You’re sitting there, your mind whirling with a flurry of conflicting emotions like astonishment, frustration, and despair. It’s not like this makes any sense at all. You two have always enjoyed one other’s company and look back on your shared history with fondness. You may be wondering why your friend felt compelled to respond in such an extreme fashion.

Can I tell you what it makes me think of?

A hundred people leaped out of an airplane, and you’re the only one of them who has never done this before! What, it doesn’t qualify as stupid? You should think about this: you haven’t put on your parachute! Strange, wouldn’t you say? A proposal of love that comes out of the blue is just as surprising.

You can show your affection for your crush in more meaningful ways. Ways that are a lot less risky and provide you with a better chance of success. And something that doesn’t end in heartbreak.

Don’t make the rookie mistake of becoming psychotically drunk, then either grabbing them and touching them all over or talking incessantly about how much you love them and how long you’ve been in love with them and how you want to get married and have babies with them. Your companion will certainly flee in terror if you do that to him or her. Avoid running into them again should they return armed with a chainsaw. And that’s assuming they liked you to begin with. You may think this is an act of punch-drunk love, but the rest of us see this as grounds for a restraining order.

Making a romantic atmosphere.

Communicate your thoughts to your pal, but do so subtly. Have a little fun and flirt with each other to start. Test the waters to see if any positive responses come your way. Flirting between friends may be adorable, so passing judgment is difficult.

So, keep an eye out for such cues to determine whether or not their flirtation with you is real. While there’s no foolproof method to detect if a friend is falling for you, you can offer them a hint that they are seeing a different, and hopefully more appealing, part of you by showing them that you like their attention.

Don’t be a pushover or grovel at their feet just because they’re your friend. Spend quality time together and enjoy yourself, but don’t get too close to your crush. You should make your friend miss you every once in a while, to remind them how much they love your company. This is the most surefire technique to win over the heart of the person you’ve had your eye on.

As soon as you believe the moment is perfect and your friend has enough of a clue to question whether there’s more than simply friendship brewing between the two of you, make the appropriate moves. Ask them out on a date if you’re feeling bold; all it takes is the right time and place. Of course, in a deeper sense than merely pals. Make it clear to your buddy that they are under no obligation to do so, and that you would be content to continue your friendship regardless. Expect rejection and hold out hope for success.

In case things don’t pan out…

There’s nothing more to do now that you’ve already done your best and communicated your point. But try to be gracious despite your disappointment. You may have exaggerated the situation in your mind, but that doesn’t mean your pal has to share your perspective. Maintain regular contact, but don’t linger as if you’re bored or have nothing else to do with your time. Moreover, you should quit moaning over the wonderful love that never was.

Throw it out as an educational opportunity. Try as hard as you can, this person shouldn’t be the center of your universe. Both you and your friend would be put in an awkward position. Get out and have some laughs with your pals and maybe even meet someone who likes you as much as you like them.

If your pal agrees…

To your good fortune! Sure as hell did! To your credit, you did that!

When the moment comes to ask a friend out, remember these pointers and tread carefully. Before you ask your friend out, you should probably send out some signals to see what they think of you.

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