Tips For Making Your Relationship with a Music Fan More Exciting

Do you share your life with a fellow music nut? Check out these pointers for dating your music genius, even if you don’t share his enthusiasm.

It’s possible you and the guy you’re seeing could have a long and happy future together despite your mutual disinterest in music. Music is timeless and universal. It creates an instant and irresistible attraction between its participants because of the deep and primal bond it establishes between them.

What to do on a date with a music buff:

If you’re dating a man who loves music, but you’re running out of musical activities to do together, consider some of the suggestions here.

1. Participate in performances.

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Unlike concerts, which often take place in massive arenas or stadiums, shows are typically held in smaller, more intimate venues. It’s like comparing a small cafe in your town to New York’s famed Madison Square Garden. Live performances showcase an artist’s innate skill before they allow their egos to cloud their judgment. 

Live performances are the best way to enjoy music the way it was meant to be heard and seen by everyone in the audience, regardless of where they are seated or standing. The best thing is that concerts are usually more less than dinner and a movie, making them the ideal date night for you and your music lover partner.

2. Collecting records on vinyl.

Any item from another era has its own special appeal, but collectors of rare vinyl records know this all too well. Vinyl exudes an aura of hipness. Date ideas for the music lover include exploring secondhand stores and used bookshops in search of rare vinyl records that might complement his collection.

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The two of you will benefit greatly from this arrangement since, in addition to vinyl records, you are likely to come across many other vintage items that appeal to you, such as jewelry, clothing, cookware, and furniture. Both of you, I imagine, would be quite pleased to find a Beatles record.

3. Radio song requests

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What could be more romantic than dialing up your favorite radio station and asking for a special song for your man? If you know he’ll be home late from work, school, or simply relaxing, this is your moment to impress him.

He’ll hear your request when he turns on the radio, and he’ll be quite curious to find out which music you choose. Play a song he’s never heard or request one he likes but makes fun of to make him laugh.

4. Surprise tickets.

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Play a song he’s never heard or request one he likes but makes fun of to make him laugh. A concert ticket is a relatively expensive gift, but it is one that is guaranteed to put a large smile on your man’s face if you acquire it for him.

If the concert is more than a couple of hours away from your home, consider making it a weekend or overnight adventure. Seeing one of your man’s favorite bands in concert and then taking out on an adventure to a place neither of you has seen before is about as romantic as it gets. Something like this only happens in movies.

5. Karaoke.

If you’ve recently started dating someone who shares your passion for music, I can’t think of a better date suggestion than a concert. What better approach to overcome relationship anxieties than to sing Bon Jovi’s “Living on a Prayer”?

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The two of you are guaranteed to have a blast, and nobody ever sings karaoke without feeling something. Everyone forgets their worries for two or three minutes when singing karaoke, and it’s endearing to see your partner try to brush off a word or two he messes up as if he had intended to.

Knowing your partner is confident enough to sing his heart out in front of an audience with you by his side is a very enticing thought, too. If you’re in the mood for some friendly competition, invite another couple you know and have a date night or a battle of the best singing couples’ night.

6. You should go to the symphony.

Your man, whatever his musical tastes, should know that classical composers like Mozart and Beethoven were hugely influential before the likes of the Red Hot Chili Peppers and Coldplay, before Bob Dylan and Lou Reed, and even before Otis Redding. A symphony is a wonderful cultural experience, so if your partner is a true music fan, he will enjoy going with you.

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Magical and intensely romantic is the experience of listening to or seeing musicians perform without the aid of auto-tune or flashy dancing motions. Aside from being a fun activity for the two of you, getting dressed up for an event is a fantastic way to celebrate. And while you and your partner are listening to some classical music, he will like seeing you in them.

Putting music to your love story is a timeless romantic tradition. Having a relationship with a music fan makes this possible and makes your whole relationship feel like it belongs in a romantic comedy.

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