To Do and Not To Do When Adding a Date on Facebook

To Do and Not To Do When Adding a Date on Facebook

Did you meet your date on one of the social media sites? The question now is, what? If you’re planning on adding your date as a Facebook friend, here are things you should know first.

An enjoyable first date may indicate further opportunities for romance. The internet has also made it, so we don’t have to sit by our phones waiting for our date to call.

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However, there is a set of rules that come with the internet that we must all follow to prevent being labeled as stalkers. The profile your date created for themselves can be a tempting source of conversation starters for your next date.

Nearly as alluring is the want to show off your date by uploading photos of you together to prove that you had a fantastic time.

Yet, may now be the proper time?

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Do you think your date is ready to brag about the fact that they were on a date with you? Furthermore, would it cause more problems than it solved?

Important things to consider before adding a date on Facebook.

1. ADD him or her. 

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The question is, “What harm can it do?” You two have already been having a fantastic time in the real world, and the online environment is merely a bonus means of staying in touch. Adding each other as Facebook friends is a great way to keep in touch after a date, especially if one of you isn’t allowed to use a phone.

2. Creating a fictitious profile for the purpose of stalking is highly discouraged. 

Do you worry that the person you’re on a date with might be posting stuff they don’t want you to see because you have a paranoid streak? You should either learn to relax or get some professional assistance. A date’s right to privacy should be respected if he or she is withholding information from you at this time.

3. Look at their profile, please. 

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Adding someone on Facebook is pointless if you never look at their wall and like their photos.

You should take full use of Facebook and see what they’ve been up to since, after all, that’s what it’s designed for. It’s possible that their online profile says more about them than they do in person. Learning about their internet persona will also provide interesting conversation fodder on your next date.

4. AVOID being a stalker. 

There’s a big difference between casually browsing and researching your date’s every post, interaction, like, comment, and activity over the past few years. Rather than inferring your date’s life story from their Facebook feed, wouldn’t it be preferable to hear it from them directly?


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An expression of gratitude and a wish to maintain a connection can be as simple as leaving a thoughtful comment or clicking the like button. This demonstrates that you’re participating in the conversation because you have something worthwhile to add rather than simply trying to attract attention to yourself.

6. DO NOT take up the whole page. 

You don’t have to approve of everything this person posts online just because you like them. Don’t be the guy or girl who leaves 99 notifications showing that you’ve liked or commented on every single thing your date has posted on Facebook since they joined!

7. Check out what they have to say. 

To Do and Not To Do When Adding a Date on Facebook
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The best part about Facebook is that people can talk about anything, from their morning meal to the latest movie they saw. Your date’s interests and hobbies might be gleaned from the posts they share about their present activities.

8. DO NOT follow your date around and spy on their other contacts. 

Don’t feel compelled to troll through his or her buddy list in search of old flames, work acquaintances, or people you went to school with. All you need is your date and your contact with them; there’s no need to go looking for danger.

9. Don’t be shy about sending a Facebook message. 

To Do and Not To Do When Adding a Date on Facebook
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If you are unsure of what to say in response to their article, your reluctance to do so is understandable. A simple hello or comment on their most recent post is all that’s needed in such a situation. The goal is to offer something thought-provoking, not to initiate a conversation, therefore it doesn’t matter if they are online or not when you leave a message.

10. DO NOT upload revealing photos. 

At a time when anyone’s online privacy can be breached with the crack of a new code, are you sure you want to make your personal photos public? There have been countless cases of a person’s naked photos going viral on the internet. 

To Do and Not To Do When Adding a Date on Facebook
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Furthermore, you have not gone on many dates. Is it really safe to give this new individual access to your personal photo collection? You may have full confidence in your new “boyfriend” or “girlfriend,” but wouldn’t it be better if they saw your physique for the first time in person?

11. Make sure to give your online date some space. 

You are still in the “courting” stage of your relationship. You don’t have to know every detail of your date’s life up until the point you meet them. Don’t pry into your date’s private life by asking about anything you see online that they would rather not discuss (such as an angry post from an ex or a drunken photo). In due time, you may come to understand the full scope of your experiences.

12. PLEASE DON’T start a fight because of something you read on Facebook.

To Do and Not To Do When Adding a Date on Facebook
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Relax! You two aren’t even dating yet! If you try to play Sherlock Holmes with this person, you’ll just drive a wedge between you. A relationship’s fate on Facebook is often decided. It has the power to either draw you closer together or build a wedge between you and the other person.

Use caution when adding your new date on Facebook. Don’t forget the important don’ts and remember the nice do’s while adding your date on Facebook!

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