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Top 10 Movies That Will Surely Make You Cry


Emotional outbursts are perfectly acceptable, especially for women, who tend to be more emotional than men once a month. All of us have felt that we couldn’t stop crying for no obvious cause at some point in time. When it’s raining and you’re listening to a sad music on the radio while driving, it can make you cry. Even if you don’t intend to cry, you may end up feeling better afterward.

While it may be difficult to be made to weep by someone, it’s refreshing to be made to weep by someone you didn’t expect or expect to weep from, and it leaves you wondering what just occurred.

1. UP! Regardless of your age, if you are human and have a soul, you will be moved to tears by this film. You have a black heart if you don’t drop a tear while watching this film. Period.

This is such a nice film. Seeing Carl and Ellie begin their romance and grow old together is priceless. Carl’s approach of honoring Ellie’s memory when she passes away is to embark on the trip they’ve always wanted to take. He will stop at nothing to preserve their memories and the home where they spent their golden years together.

2. How to Train Your Dragon. It may look to be a children’s film, but it’s actually a fantastic movie for all ages to enjoy! An outcast who is despised by his father grows up to be a hero in the most unlikely of ways, forging an unshakable friendship with a dragon in the process. Even mentioning the dragon’s friendship is likely to lead us to burst into tears as we write this!

3. The Notebook. You’re going to cry if you read anything by Nicholas Sparks. If you’ve previously read it, you’ll understand what I mean. We all enjoy a beautiful love tale, especially one that we can understand and believe in.

The Notebook has a wonderful realism to it. Finally, Noah does everything it takes to acquire Ali, and as the saying goes, if one is a bird, then the other must be.

4. The Other Sister. This film, more than any other, brought tears to my eyes. Carla Tate, a twenty-four-year-old woman with mild mental disabilities, is played by Juliette Lewis, who, despite the odds, overcomes many of her restrictions. Overbearing and protective mother Diane Keaton portrays Carla’s mother, who believes that Carla will never be able to do anything on her own.

Carla develops feelings for Giovanni Ribisi’s character Danny, who is also mentally challenged. There is a lot of focus on their connection and how their love can overcome the circumstances. Even if you won’t leave the theater feeling warm and cuddly, you’ll also be awakened for all the right reasons by this film.

5. A Walk to Remember. Yes, this is yet another Nicholas Sparks novel and film adaptation. You’ll be sobbing your eyes out in this film. Jamie and Landon had a modern-day Romeo and Juliet romance, since the cool kids didn’t believe Landon could be in love with the sweater-wearing, pious pastor’s daughter.

Despite the skeptics and Jamie’s battle with leukemia, the two do fall in love. In the end, Landon ensures that his mother’s final wishes are fulfilled and that her memory will live on.

6. Titanic. Leo DiCaprio’s daring explorer Jack and Kate Winslet’s affluent socialite Rose meet on the doomed Titanic and fall in love despite their socioeconomic differences. One of the most iconic scenes in the film is when the ship has gone down and the two lovers are adrift on a door, and Jack promises her he would never let her go again.

7. Steel Magnolias. Steel Magnolias follows the lives of the shop’s owner and many of the shop’s customers in a small hamlet near New Orleans. Shelby, played by Julia Roberts, has diabetes and is engaged to be married.

In addition to portraying normal small-town drama and gossip that you are sure to overhear in a hair shop, this film contains numerous hilarious moments that will have you laughing while simultaneously wiping away your tears of sadness. This is one of Dolly Parton’s best performances, and it will live on as a timeless classic.

8. Moulin Rouge. When it comes to musicals, I’m usually uninterested, especially if they’re movies and not on Broadway. Moulin Rouge, on the other hand, is one of the most lyrical, heartbreaking, and romantic musicals ever created.

Aside from Cold Mountain, which has Nicole Kidman at her most ravishing, Moulin Rouge is the only film in which she has appeared quite this ravishing. In addition to the lovely music, the tragic and romantic narrative of Nicole Kidman and Ewan McGregor will bring tears to your eyes.

9. The Blind Side. Because of Sandra Bullock’s performance in this film, she was nominated for an Oscar. The story of Sandra Bullock’s character, Michael Oher, an African-American youngster from a shattered household, is the focus of this touching film. She was able to make Michael’s ambition of playing football and attending college a reality with her aid.

10. 12 Years a Slave. During the pre-Civil War era of the United States, Soloman Northup, a free black man, is kidnapped and sold into slavery. This film’s sadness is immediately apparent, and it’s done in such a beautiful and moving way that it will have you in tears for hours after you’ve finished viewing it.

It’s no surprise that this film was nominated for a slew of prizes when it first came out. Slavery no longer exists, but this film serves as a reminder of how far we’ve come.

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