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Top 10 Romantic Seasonal Winter Movies

1. Groundhog Day.

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Despite being a comedy, “Groundhog Day” has a strong opening thanks largely to Bill Murray’s superb performance as a weather reporter who finds himself reliving the same day over and over. He is seen to fall in love with the female TV producer who has been accompanying him over the course of several days.

2. The Holiday.

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For the sake of escaping the cold and the men who have ruined their lives, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet swap homes for the holiday season… Both fall in love with the friend/brother of the other, by accident or design.

3. Friends with Kids.

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Featuring a stellar cast and a fresh take on the winter romance genre, this indie film delivers a heartwarming story with a touch of grit.

4. Bridget Jones’ Diary.

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One singleton’s quest to find the proper partner for her is the subject of this classic female farce, which stars Hugh Grant as a charming womanizer and Colin Firth as a surly gent.

5. White Christmas.

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Nothing more can be said about this 1954 Bing Crosby film besides the fact that you should watch it right away. The Christmas romance king, if there ever was one.

6. Love Actually.

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Because it includes not just one, not even two, but a whopping twelfth romantic subplots—from the hilarious saga of an Englishman who travels to the United States so that his accent can do the heavy lifting to the heartbreaking love story between Colin Firth’s character and the Portuguese maid who wins his heart—this film earns its high marks. Rowan Atkinson, the star of Mr. Bean, makes a few cameo appearances as a modern-day Christmas spirit.

7. Winter’s Tale.

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Even though this picture was a financial failure, it won us over with its otherworldly fantasy romance. In the midst of a snowy New York winter, “Winter’s Tale” examines the interplay between the spirit and material worlds.

8. Edward Scissorhands.

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Do you recall the scene where the ice sculptures were displayed? Reconnect with Johnny Depp’s crazy character and the young, distant girl he falls in love with.

9. Love Story.

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The story of a guy who gives up everything to be with the lady he loves in the film “Love Story” is a classic. With a recurrent theme of winter and an epically tragic ending, this is a timeless love classic.

10. Dr. Zhivago.

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 If you can get over the fact that it takes place in revolutionary Russia during the middle of a snowstorm, this film about a man and a woman’s love for one another is labelled as one of the best films ever created.

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