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Top 10 Tear-Jerker Movies

Top 10 Tear-Jerker Movies

Is there any situation that you want to sob uncontrollably? Many people find sobbing soothing, despite the perception that no one likes to cry.

You may be perplexed why someone would purposefully cause themselves mental distress. Isn’t it interesting that sobbing is actually good for your body? When you weep, your body releases toxins and you feel better. It may even assist you address problems that aren’t directly related to your tears.

1. Hard Ball. One of Chicago’s most dangerous areas becomes a playground for a gambler who takes on the role of a little league coach to pay off a hefty debt. When working with children, he quickly bonds with them, sharing in their joys and sorrows.

2. Titanic. One terrible occurrence and a couple of young individuals who were in love at the time of the ship’s construction Let us introduce you to Titanic. Rose and Jack have just recently discovered the joy of being together. Their joy is short-lived, however, as the ship’s destiny takes a terrible turn.

3. The Notebook. Another Nicholas Sparks novel has come out on top. Despite their feelings for one other, these two people are not meant to be together. No matter what happens, will they ever be able to find each other? The mother of a well-to-do young lady might be a contender, too. This is a heart-wrenching film that everyone should see at least once in their lives.

4. The Best of Me. Nicholas Sparks, oh my goodness. Is there any way he can stop making us cry? It was a blessing that Amanda and Dawson discovered one other in high school, but a horrible occurrence changed their lives forever. Reunited after the death of a mutual acquaintance. Is it going to last this time? Regardless of how many times I’ve seen this film, I’ve always found myself in tears.

5. Pay it Forward. Most junior high social studies teachers never expect the assignments they give their pupils to have such an impact. Good deeds are multiplied for a lifetime when students go above and above to “pay it forward.”

6. Marley and Me. It’s a tearjerker for dog lovers everywhere, so don’t miss this one. Even the toughest of men will shed a tear when watching this film. It’s surprising how much of an impact getting a puppy has on a married couple’s life when they didn’t anticipate it.

7. Old Yeller. Be ready to burst into tears again again. Unexpectedly, this family’s relationship with a dog that has been causing damage to one of their fields turns out to be quite special. Concerns about a rabies outbreak mount as the family gets closer to the adorable pooch.

8. Dead Poet’s Society. Be ready to burst into tears again again. There was no way that this family would fall in love with the dog they found destroying one of their fields. Concerns about a rabies outbreak mount as the family gets closer to the adorable pooch.

9. My Girl. This was the first time I’d ever shed a tear over a film. Because her mother died at infancy and her father runs a funeral home out of their home, this girl endures a difficult adolescence. Her life is further complicated by her adoration for her English teacher and the subsequent tragedy that befalls him.

10. Blindside. People are quick to criticize and change their minds when a well-to-do southern parent takes in a homeless adolescent. Michael Oher is not your average street kid. He is a protector, a kind person, and an excellent football player.

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