True Love VS. Infatuation

True Love VS. Infatuation – Learn the Telltale Signs

True love VS. infatuation. That’s the age-old question that many people ask themselves when they are in a new relationship. Discover the differences between true love and infatuation to understand which one you’re experiencing.

Have you ever been so completely smitten with another person that just hearing their name sent your stomach into a spin? If that’s the case, it’s conceivable your feelings for them were genuine. But suppose those emotions misled you and weren’t really love at all. It’s hard to distinguish the difference between infatuation and true love.

Although there are some similarities between these two objects, there are also some significant distinctions.

In particular, there are far too many young adults who are under the false impression that they are in love. They haven’t been together long enough to develop romantic feelings for one another.

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Not being able to stop thinking about someone is not evidence of love. This could be a classic case of falling in love.

There is a layer of deceit between the two that makes it difficult to know how you actually feel. There are instances when you can’t tell if a relationship was truly love until it’s ended.

Fortunately, you can tell the difference between infatuation and love.

Distinctive Features of Love as Opposed to Infatuation:

Despite their apparent similarities, infatuation and love are fundamentally different emotions. It’s not good to go into something you and your partner aren’t prepared for just because you think you’re in love when, in reality, you’re just infatuated. You can be losing out on a truly remarkable experience if you dismiss love as a passing fad and treat it as though it were something more like an infatuation.

Take note of these variations so you can identify your current emotions and determine your future steps.

1. Infatuation is a rapid process.


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The idea “love at first sight” is often used to describe the state of infatuation. It can happen rapidly, sometimes even before you have a chance to meet the individual in question. You’ll be instantly overcome with intense desire for them after laying eyes on them.

2. Love takes time.

It’s ironic that the two concepts are tied in some way. It is not uncommon for one to fall head over heels in love with someone they once had a crush on. The most important point, though, is that love develops later, sometimes after a long time has passed.

Getting to know someone well enough to fall in love with them requires a significant investment of time. Despite what countless romantic comedies have taught us, you cannot love someone about whom you know nothing.

3. Infatuation is superficial.

True Love VS. Infatuation
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Since it develops so rapidly, even if you’ve never met the other person before, the feelings you have for them at first are superficial. As a result, you are judging someone solely based on their appearance or first impression.

4. Love goes behind the surface.

We fall in love when we get to know someone deeply and care for them for more than just their exterior. It’s a deep emotional bond, not just a sexual one.

It takes time for love to grow. After only one outing, or even after a month, it’s highly unlikely that anything meaningful will develop. Developing feelings for another person takes time. You feel at ease with them as you both get familiar with one another. You begin to take their presence for granted. When you have found true love, your emotions will pass quickly.

5. Those experiencing infatuation commonly experiences anxiety.

True Love VS. Infatuation
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When I say “anxiety,” I’m referring to the dizziness, heart palpitations, and stomach butterflies you feel when you finally lay eyes on the object of your affection. Your heart rate and breathing rate both increase when you’re in love because of the anticipation you feel before meeting the object of your affection.

6. Love is often equated with ease and comfort.

In contrast, love has a soothing effect. You will feel calm and at ease. I’m not denying that being in love can be thrilling, but it doesn’t give me the same butterflies that being in love with someone does. When you’re in love, you can relax and enjoy life.

Anxiety-inducing enthusiasm has a soothing purpose when shared with a loved one.

7. Being in love frees you to be the best version of yourself.

True Love VS. Infatuation
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You can be yourself without apology when you’re head over heels in love. When you’re with the person you love, you can just be yourself without trying to fool them.

8. Infatuation makes you always want to please the other person.

Obviously, you care about the approval of your significant other. However, infatuation heightens this desire to the point where it feels obligatory to do all it takes to win that person over. You prioritized their needs over your own.

9. When you’re in love, you want to do whatever you can to brighten the other person’s day.

There is a huge difference between genuinely wanting to make someone happy and being concerned about their satisfaction. When you’re in love, you start to care more about your partner’s well-being than you did before. Conflict may arise as you decide where to eat or what to watch. However, you’ll be there for them as they try out a new career path or pastime.

True Love VS. Infatuation
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You wish for their success in all they do. A willingness to compromise is a sign of love, and it can aid in crucial situations. It is not necessary to fake interest in their interests in order to win their approval. Because of who you truly are, they find joy in your company. The difference between being in love and being infatuated is like the difference between the present and the future.

10. Infatuation never lasts.

The feeling of infatuation is like a passing airplane. It distracts you for a while and makes you look elsewhere, but then it moves on and you realize that you gave your attention to something trivial.

The bright side is that there is no real commitment to the individuals you are obsessed with, so you can move on easily. You move on with your life, resigning yourself to the fact that they were but a passing phase.

11. Love lasts forever.

True Love VS. Infatuation
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Falling in love, though, isn’t something that can be wished away in a day. In the event of a breakup, your affections for this person would remain strong for a very long time. The love you felt for that individual will remain a part of you forever. What happens isn’t incidental.

It’s important not to miss the differences between infatuation and love. You can avoid making a huge mistake or missing out on a fated opportunity by keeping an eye on the similarities and contrasts.

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