True Stories of Losing Virginity

True Stories of Losing Virginity That Aren’t Exactly Sexy

We’re taking a look at some true stories of losing virginity. Not all “first times” are equally exciting, as we explore some embarrassing or envious tales of how people lost their virginity.

Your “how I lost my virginity” story may have seemed like the height of all sexual drama and attractiveness when you were younger. And if you’re a woman, that’s even worse. The majority of virgins, unfortunately for you and the rest of us, will blush rather than gush about their first time.

True Stories of Losing Virginity
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Even while losing your virginity is a huge milestone, it doesn’t necessarily imply you’ll be ready to party. To those who found that their experiences of losing their virginity were more like a comedy than a romance, know that you are not alone. We’re researching advice and anecdotes from people who have already lost their virginity.

The positive side of losing my virginity.

True Stories of Losing Virginity
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1. I was 17 when my high school boyfriend helped me lose my virginity. I wanted to wait, and he was so thoughtful and considerate that after a year of dating, we got engaged. While making out in his basement, we decided to take things to the next level. Those little moments of bliss were worth the wait.

2. In a happy turn of events, I let my wife take my virginity. When my pals found out that Sarah is the only girl I’d ever dated, they burst my balls. Having a steady girlfriend and knowing that our relationship is more than just a high school crush gives me peace of mind. For me, that’s the best there is.

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3. At19, while on a drunken camping trip, I experienced sex for the first time. My best friend and I slept in a truck at the campsite, and a raccoon jumped in as we were making out.

It will stay in your mind forever, but maybe not for the best reasons. Knowing the exuberant person I used to be, I’m pleased my first experience was so novel and exciting.

The unfortunate events that led to my loss of virginity.

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1. It was at a fraternity party when I had my first experience. As a first-year student, I wanted nothing more than to end my status as a virgin. My preconceived thoughts about sex were that it would hurt and that by the end of the night, I would need to be cauterized for the profuse bleeding. Both were false!

It wasn’t painful, but there was no sensation at all during sexual activity. I wish I’d been less scared about losing my virginity and done it sooner. Instead, I had an inappropriate one-night stand with a jerk I kept bumping into throughout my remaining years of college.

True Stories of Losing Virginity
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2. While my high school girlfriend was at a sleepover, I slept with her. All of it was awkward, but especially when she said she was on her period and asked if I was still interested. That was great with me because I didn’t want her to reconsider working toward our goal together.

When I was ready, I put on the condom, and we left. We were ashamed to have her parents find out that we were having an affair. They disregarded all of that when they saw the bloody mess we left on her linens. Amazing adventure, the vile end result.

True Stories of Losing Virginity
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3. I had just turned 18 and was about to complete my first cycle of high school. Since I was a virgin, I already felt like a late bloomer, and my boyfriend at the time didn’t help by pressuring me to have sex for months. On the night of the weekend party before graduation, I decided to give in to him and become totally wasted.

All I can think of is how bad it ached and how I cried myself to sleep that night. Both my sense of closeness to him and my sense of maturity remained unchanged. No emotion whatsoever arose in me. I wouldn’t have had to get so drunk, and he wouldn’t have had to plead if he were the one. Oh, what a shame.

Your “how I lost my virginity” tale might not necessarily play out like a love story. You’re not alone wishing they’d waited or could erase their first experience.

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