Truth or Dare Questions To Get You Sexually Excited

Truth or Dare Questions To Get You Sexually Excited

As we get older, we still crave the excitement of playing truth or dare. For those looking to add a bit of spice to the game, try these sexually charged truth or dare questions that are sure to get your excited and your heart racing.

With a mature company or a special someone, the classic game of “truth or dare” never gets old. You need to up the ante if you want to keep people interested. Here’s where you throw in some of the more racy truth-or-dare questions to really turn up the heat.

Questions for a sexual game of truth or dare:

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You need nothing more than a bunch of friends to play this entertaining game. Play it whenever and wherever you choose to see how others’ true colors peek through. Playing the game gives you license to express yourself in ways you might not otherwise. And when there’s booze in the mix, things get even more candid.

Playing truth or dare is the best way to get to know someone better without it feeling like an interview. When you’ve got the best sexual truth or dare questions, who needs Monopoly?


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1. Asking whether anyone has ever had a same-sex encounter.

2. I was wondering what your preferred pornographic genre is. You can better comprehend their wildest dreams by doing so. Because you never know when you might want to put on a little performance for them.

3. The last time you masturbated?

4. When you’re masturbating, what goes through your mind? Possibly they have you in mind.

5. Please share the most mortifying sexual experience you’ve ever had. You’ll get a nice chuckle out of hearing about their embarrassing encounter. All of us share a pair.

6. Just how old was the eldest person you have had sex with? They might have more experience than you realized.

Truth or Dare Questions To Get You Sexually Excited
*Image source: Pexels/Unsplash/Pixelbay

7. Tell me about the most public place you’ve ever had sex. Perhaps they enjoy taking sexual risks in public.

8. Do you ever go out in groups of three?

9. When you think of me, do you imagine having sex? Stop hedging and get to the point. If you want an honest response, ask them this.

10. What’s the one sex gadget you’ve never tried but would like to? Perhaps you have that plaything already. You can share its use with them if you like.

11. When did you stop being a virgin? Since most people lose their virginity in their teens, these tales tend to be humorous. A teen typically lives at home with their parents.

12. Have you ever lied to your past partner about something? You can learn a lot about their history this way. Pay attention because there’s probably a backstory to it.


Truth or Dare Questions To Get You Sexually Excited
*Image source: Pexels/Pixelbay/Unsplash

1. Let me see you mess around with yourself. Play it when you won’t be surrounded by people. When playing against a single opponent, however, things might get rather intense relatively soon.

2. I dare you to play the rest of this game naked. Like strip poker, but with more rapid stripping. Not too shabby, huh?

3. Ten minutes of your time is all I’m asking for. You get to direct their gratification of you. Also, you can force them to keep going till your climax.

4. Go ahead and get it on in front of everyone. Public sex is hot, but only if they’re already fans of it.

5. I dare you to engage in masturbation in my presence. Very sizzling. You can masturbate in front of them, too, if you’re in the mood.

Truth or Dare Questions To Get You Sexually Excited
*Image source: Unsplash/Pixelbay/Pexels


6. Take the dare and record us making out. You should only proceed if you have complete faith in this person. If not, things might get chaotic.

7. When you and I get sexual, I challenge you to experiment with some sex toys. Take their word for it if they say it’s one of their dreams.

8. Take a picture of us in the buff, and I’ll eat my words. If you insist on doing this, you had better be able to put your faith in them.

9. Here, I dare you to make out with someone. I really hope you are picked. If that’s what you want.

10. Put my c*m in your mouth and play with it. I dare you. Although not everyone finds this attractive, some do.

It’s time to see how well you can answer sexually-oriented truth or dare questions. You and your pals or that particular someone can play together. Ask them some variation on the following list of questions no matter what you do!

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