Truths About How Do Lesbians Engage In Sexual Activity

Despite the prevalence of lesbian sex, many people feel uncomfortable asking questions about it. Here are the details you need to know.

What’s the deal with lesbian sex?

It’s crucial that people feel safe discussing lesbian sexuality openly. We can avoid making this topic seem confusing, awkward, or disrespectful by having an open mind and listening carefully.

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Can a lesbian have sexual encounters? Asking a lesbian if she has a sex life at all is one question that is guaranteed to annoy her.

That’s fine if you’re interested in learning about woman action, but don’t go into the conversation completely blind. Who are we to decide which forms of sexual activity “count” and which do not?

1. What do they actually do? 

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The sex lives of women in relationships with other women can be just as dynamic and fascinating as those of heterosexual couples.

2. Foreplay, a variety of positions, unusual settings, playthings, etc.

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Except for the penis, of course, and the accompanying anxiety that sex is pretty much over before it even begins if the penis isn’t performing. For women, all sex modalities are fair game, including penetration, oral sex, anal sex, and the rest. They may occasionally require assistance, but then again, who doesn’t?

3. Is there such a thing as a “man”? 

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While a lesbian couple may look down on you if you ask them this, it’s a question that many people have. Is there usually a dominant partner in male-female sexual encounters? Is it always the guy who wins? I really doubted that.

4. What’s the difference? 

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There’s a common misconception that lesbian sex is superior because women have a greater understanding of women’s bodies and can anticipate their partners’ pleasure needs more accurately. The fact is that repetition is the key to mastery. None of the women you date will be exactly like you, and that’s why having sex can be so awkward, dirty, embarrassing, and amusing.

5. Can you describe the toys they play with? 

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There is a lot of money to be made in the sex toy industry. This doesn’t mean that all lesbian couples are trying to get the largest strap-on to compensate for a missing penis.

It’s true that not all women have a common interest in trying out novel playthings, but many do. Sadly, that’s the reality.

6. Ladies tend to get my attention. Do you think I’m a lesbian? 

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Lesbian fantasies are extremely widespread, held by many otherwise heterosexual women around the world. You may enjoy the thought of having sexual relations with a beautiful woman, but that doesn’t mean you should immediately break up with your partner, come out to your parents, and seek fulfillment at the nearest lesbian disco.

7. How would you define scissor skills? 

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A lot of people have seen this one before, and every time they read it, they make the same worried/interested face like they can’t quite believe it’s true. Scissoring does exist and is an integral part of the sexual repertoire of many lesbian couples. Scissoring is simply genital-to-genital contact, and it feels pretty damn wonderful, at least according to the many women who have tried it.

8. Does the lesbian community engage in one-night stands? 

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Naturally, they do. The answer to this question is obviously, unquestionably, undeniably, unequivocally, and overwhelmingly, yes, if you have ever been to a homosexual night club in any major city.

9. Do lesbians want to have sex with every girl? 

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Yes, you read it correctly; the answer is no, so please stop worrying that they are hitting on you because they said “excuse me” in the supermarket.

Like everyone else, they have their own personalities, norms, and preferences. They may have a soft spot for married women and may even drink too much Pinot Grigio and be inappropriately flirty with you in front of your spouse, but it doesn’t make them predators waiting to grope you the second you let your guard down.

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I hope this clarifies things for you. All of these and more describe lesbian sex in its many forms. To be honest, if everyone is having a good time, then what does it matter?!

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