Understanding Compliments

Understanding Compliments

When used carelessly, the word “cute” can be used to both genders equally. So here’s a quick guide on understanding compliments more. It’s possible that you’ll get a special treat if your crush speaks one of these other sweet words.

Even if a person that I thought was attractive told me that he thought I was attractive, I wouldn’t be overjoyed.. To my mind, adorable is a step down from hot or beautiful. Cute, on the other hand, is only a word.

Don’t take compliments like “you’re cute” for literal interpretation. If the person who paid you a compliment couldn’t think of anything else cute to say, it’s possible they were tongue-tied.

The meanings of these cute words:

To be fair, receiving the compliment of being called “cute” may not be among your most cherished accolades. However, your crush may be attempting to utter one of these other endearing expressions that actually means something. Look at what your admirer might have wanted to say before you correct him or her.

1. Adorable.

What’s not to like about being cute? Someone who is utterly irresistible is adorable.

2. Charming.

The definition of a charming person is “someone who makes you want to spend more time with them.”

3. Beautiful.

This word has a certain sexiness to it, which is why it’s so popular.

4. Old-fashioned and refined.

A woman’s beauty is what sets her apart from the rest of the pack.

5. Pretty.

Pretty has an understated elegance that is both timeless and universal. Those who mature gracefully are also included.

6. Dainty.

Elegantly fragile is the definition of dainty. Isn’t it all about perspective?

7. Darling.

When you’re a darling, you’re instantly adored by everyone around you.

8. Heavenly.

You truly are something extraordinary, like if you were plucked out of thin air.

9. Dreamy.

For some, Justin Bieber is the stuff of dreams. Too good to be true.

10. Sexy.

Cute and sexy don’t usually go hand in hand, but the Oxford English Dictionary does!

11. Precious.

Your life’s greatest treasure is the person you share it with. It’s possible that when someone refers to you as precious, they’re referring to how highly they value you and how much they value their relationship with you.

12. Attractive.

When two things are attracted to each other, they form a bond. It’s a sign that their heart is drawn to you if someone says you’re appealing to them.

13. Angelic.

You are an angel or a divine gift from the skies if you are described as angelic. You are the most revered being in the universe since you were created in the most flawless way.

14. Bewitching.

The term “bewitchment” refers to casting a spell on someone. Amazing, you are the stuff of their fantasies. You also have the power to transform their reality into something that’s out of this world.

15. Enticing.

In order to entice someone, you have to be able to persuade them. Enticing is a notch up from attractive in the amorous stakes.

16. Exquisite.

When you meet someone who is gorgeous, you can’t help but fall head over heels in love with them. The definition of exquisite is a person who makes you fall head over heels in love and won’t let go.

17. Foxy.

Foxy indicates that you can turn on any guy with a jerry curl, which hasn’t been spoken since the 1970s.

18. Gorgeous.

Gorgeous is one of those phrases that never goes out of vogue, a testimonial to your physical appeal.

19. Lovely.

“Isn’t she beautiful?” Stevie Wonder once said. It must be really wonderful if he wrote a song about it, don’t you think?

20. Radiant.

Radiant is a term used to describe how you make others feel when they are in your presence. This is why everyone around you feels better just by being in your company.

21. Refined.

When someone is refined, it suggests they have a certain level of refinement and elegance that others crave.

Don’t let someone else’s definition of you make you feel less than you are; instead, see these words for what they really mean. However, if you’re the recipient of a compliment, perhaps you can use anything from this list to give back!

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