Understanding Your Crush through Psychological Facts

Understanding Your Crush through Psychological Facts

Are you feeling those butterflies in your stomach and can’t stop thinking about that special someone? Understanding your crush through psychological facts can help you make sense of those intense emotions and maybe even take your relationship to the next level!

To feel a crush on someone is unique. It’s exciting, exciting, and emotional all at the same time. However, are you aware that there is more to having a crush on someone than simply admiring them? Discover a new perspective on falling in love after reading these fascinating psychological truths about crushes.

Having a crush on someone might cause a roller coaster of feelings that neither of you need to share. When you finally meet this individual, your entire world shifts. You go to bed thinking about them and wake up early to perfect your appearance for them. You, my buddy, are crushing rather hard because you have a crush. But there’s absolutely no need to fret over that. The experience of having a crush is something that everyone must go through.

Psychology of Crushes:

How unique is your admirer?

Understanding Your Crush through Psychological Facts
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Oh, I get the impression you have a hero complex about your crush; hey, it happens to the best of us. But hear me out: the greater the acclaim, the greater the want. You may believe your crush is flawless, but elevating them to a godlike status would only increase your affections for them. Even if that’s not necessarily a bad thing, it might hurt if your feelings aren’t returned.

Initiating contact?

It’s understandable if you’re waiting for your crush to initiate contact. Have you heard that making the first move increases attraction?

Do you have a crush on someone older than you?

So, I have to ask: Is the person you have a crush on a lot older than you are? Did you know that persons born to parents in their 30s and 40s are more inclined to find older-looking faces appealing than those born to younger parents? Exactly how insane is that?

Take a peek at your celebrity crushes and see who you prefer to favor. I was wondering if they tend to be an older population. Perhaps the age difference between your parents played a role.

Which color do you wear?

Understanding Your Crush through Psychological Facts
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Now, this is one of the crucial psychological aspects regarding crushes if you’re attempting to encourage them to like you back. Your meticulous morning preparation of your outfit might prove to be useful after all. Some colors have been shown to enhance a person’s sexual allure.

People’s preconceived notions of their sexuality are altered when they are seen donning a red article of clothing. That should serve as your cue to rush out to the store and buy as much red as possible.

Dreaming about your crush.

Some of us are prone to obsessive behavior when we have a serious infatuation with someone. Almost 90% of people make up unlikely scenarios before falling asleep.

The fact that they won’t occur in reality doesn’t mean we can’t fantasize about them, either. Come on, people! This crush fact is so harsh; why must it exist?

Look deep into their eyes.

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How sexy is eye contact? Very sexy. And it’s a terrific way to tell if your crush feels the same way about you. One’s pupils enlarge, or dilate, when feeling sexual desire for another person. Look your crush in the eyes and take note of how large or small their pupils are the next time you chat to them. Just don’t get all creepy on us, okay? Our wider pupils subconsciously make us more appealing to others.

A part can be played by symmetry.

What follows is a psychological truth regarding crushes and facial symmetry that can offer some people an unfair edge. Only a portion of our crushes’ appeal comes from physical attributes. But if the person you have a crush on has a perfectly symmetrical face, that works in their favor.

Most people like those with straighter features. We find symmetry appealing because it is a marker of healthy ancestry. People with attractive faces are more likely to get noticed. Does the person you have a crush on have a balanced face? Is that a factor in why you’re attracted to them?

Temporary feelings.

Understanding Your Crush through Psychological Facts
*Image source: Pexels/Unsplash/Pixelbay

Here’s a piece of information from psychology that borders on love: crushes are contagious. Did you know that the typical duration of a crush is just four months? Yes, you’ve guessed correctly. If you still feel this way after a while, you’re not just crushing; you’re in love. Most likely, that was not what you were hoping to read. But try not to panic.

Science is vital, of course, but emotions are difficult to quantify. If your feelings for them have lasted longer than four months, they may be more of an obsession than true love.

In reality, love is blind.

But, in all seriousness, that is the case. Mom was right when she taught you love is blind. It has been demonstrated scientifically, in fact. Scientists have shown that as love grows between two people, critical-thinking processes in the brain slow down. This explains why lovers can’t perceive the obvious problems that an objective observer would notice. No wonder they can’t see!

What do you think about the underlying science crushes? Do you feel that your thoughts and feelings regarding your crush have evolved to encompass any of these details?

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