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10 EASY Ways to Make Your Relationship More Romantic

We’ve all had enough of working from home in our pjs and sourdough starters, often right next to our partners, so it’s time for some romance.  As time goes on, relationships become normal, and it can feel like the honeymoon phase is gone forever. Learn how to make your relationship more romantic through these ways.

It’s normal for the initial months or years of excitement to settle down.  The affection that keeps people together is “companionate love.” In most cases, as the roots of love grow deeper, the intensity of want and desire begins to fade.  Bring back a sense of wonder and adventure by “cultivating the light and play and the laughter. Bring that happy and healthy relationship to life.

Take note if you’re itching for some passion and intrigue in your life.  According to the experts, these are the methods to make your relationship more romantic.

1. It’s time to have a conversation about it.

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If you and your lover are having a hard time, talking about what you’re missing and what you feel about the relationship, it can go a long way toward reviving the passion.  If you’re looking for romance, talk about your expectations and listen to your partner’s wants and wishes.  They have control and the power to create romance, passion, and excitement in their relationship.

2. Start with a Minimalist Approach

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Celebrating the minutes and seconds that make up an hour is critical.  If it’s important to you, give each other a kiss before and after your day, especially if it has fallen by the wayside.  Set out a few minutes each week to express your gratitude or appreciation for the other person.  Surprise your sweetheart with a flirty text or a phone call during the day, or leave a romantic or seductive note.  Appreciation and acknowledgment are the number one glue that keeps couples happy.

3. Reminisce

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Think about the tender, sensual or lovely moments you shared with your partner.  Bring out a sentimental Valentine’s Day card from your partner’s past, or go at images from your honeymoon or other romantic getaways.  In order to rekindle your romance, take a moment to reflect on the wonderful times you’ve enjoyed together.

4. Recreate Memories of Love

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Recreate some of your most romantic moments together instead of just reminiscing.  Going back to the area where you first met or reenacting a first date might re-ignite feelings of magic and romance.  A rush of pleasurable memories can be set off by it.  Romance can blossom as a result of rekindling old flames.

5. Focus on Your Loved One First.

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Prioritizing your partner isn’t a bad thing, even if you’re busy with job, kids, or the stresses of everyday life (or wedding preparations!).  It’s a necessity, in fact.  Even if the kids are yelling, it is natural to greet your partner first and offer them some attention.  “Your relationship is the cornerstone.  As long as your kids are around, it’s good for them to witness you and your partner interacting.  You and your lover will also be reminded of your romance in the midst of the commotion.

6. Stay true to who you are

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As vital as it is to do things for your lover, bringing back romance isn’t just about that.  Maintaining a strong sense of self is difficult to do when you are in a relationship, but it is critical.

7. The things you aim to achieve in your marriage should be listed.

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Sit down with your partner and make a list of activities you want to do over the following year to shake things up a bit.  Skydiving, a road vacation, or learning to surf might all be options.  Watching or starting a garden together could be something fun to do.  It’s up to you and your significant other to decide what to order.  List-writing itself can be romantic, amusing and even sensuous.  Whether or not you complete it, it can bring you closer together.

8. Adventure is back!

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If you’re looking for a little excitement in your life, schedule a few adventurous dates.  You give up adventure and spontaneity to have security.  Bringing adventure back into the mix can also increase the romance.  A rafting trip, a hot air balloon ride, a tango class, or even a trapeze lesson are among her suggestions.  Start with something outrageous and a little terrifying to get you and your partner out of your comfort zone.  A romantic memory from your relationship can serve as a clue, and the ultimate prize is You!

9. Get Away.

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To be honest, it’s easy in the early stages of a relationship to lose track of time and focus on each other.  It’s possible that you’ll need a babysitter for this one, but take a day or a few hours to wander about aimlessly.  Take in the sights, stop for a quick lunch in a scenic location, or simply ride about with your loved one and take advantage of the freedom and quality time that comes with a car trip.

10. Be Creative With Your Bedtime Routine.

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Sex becomes “normally superfluous.”You don’t need to go to extreme lengths—just change up the positions, places, and times.  Adding a bit of surprise to your sex life might go a long way toward reviving some much-needed romance.

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