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5 Easy Ways to Tell If You Are Officially Dating

If you’re wondering how to know if you are officially dating, the answer might be easier to find than you think. There are lots of casual dating scenarios out there, but reaching the official dating stage can be tough.

Every text and social media post can be painstakingly scrutinized in the age of digital dating, making it difficult to determine one’s relationship status with someone. It can be difficult to know when to broach the subject of a relationship because of all the unpleasant mixed signals and hesitant chats that plague many new relationships. 

It’s not uncommon to wonder where you and your partner fit on the relationship spectrum and where you and your current connection might be headed. Fortunately, we’ve gathered information from dating experts to compile a list of five essential measures to help you in determining your relationship status.

Here are five surefire ways to tell if you are officially dating!

1. Together, you spend a lot of time

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If you’re confused about whether or not you and your partner are seeing each other on an unofficial basis, keep track of how much time you spend together. Do you only hang out at 2 a.m. with this individual after receiving an invitation via late-night text? Or do you see each other every day of the week for several days and nights?

As soon as you start seeing someone, you’ll want to make every attempt to spend as much time together as possible. A hookup or a friendship with benefits is when you and your partner meet each other occasionally, but then you don’t see or hear from each other for a while, only to receive an unexpected text from them again.

2. The Future Is What You Talk About

If you want to know if you’re dating, pay attention to what you say and how you say it, especially when you talk about the future. When you’re dating someone, you’ll naturally talk about the future and make plans for the future. You’re probably not dating this person if you notice that your spouse avoids talking about these kinds of things, is unclear about future plans, and refuses to think more than a few days or hours ahead.

3. You’ve Become Friends with Their Friends.

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Being in a relationship often means introducing each other’s social circles. While it is possible that you haven’t met any members of their crew and that this individual avoids the topic whenever possible, you are probably not yet in the dating phase. In most cases, when you’re dating someone, you’ll want to introduce them to your friends to find out what your friends think of your partner, as well as how they fit in with the other key people in your life..

A definite sign that this relationship is headed in the right direction is if you’ve been introduced to many members of your partner’s immediate family. Even so, it’s usually advisable to keep an open mind and avoid making any snap judgments.

4. You two become more vulnerable to one another.

How much do you truly know about them when you’re out with someone? Sharing your own experiences and anecdotes with your partner will help you connect on a deeper level and learn more about each other when you’re dating. A sure indicator that you two are dating is when you start opening up about your personal lives and expressing more about your feelings for one another.

5. You have discussed THAT.

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Talk about the present state of your relationship if you’re attempting to figure out if you’re dating. It is critical that you act as your own advocate and express your wishes for your relationship with this person moving ahead. Checking in and having a face-to-face chat can help manage expectations and prevent future heartache, regardless of whether you’re seeking something serious or more casual.

In order to avoid spending time with someone who doesn’t desire the same things that you do, you should openly discuss the situation between you and your partner. If you have a talk like this, you’ll know for sure that you’re in love with each other and want to take your relationship to the next level.

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