What Attracts Men To Kiss Women?

What Attracts Men To Kiss Women

We don’t always know what causes us to feel sexually attracted to someone. What is it in a woman that makes a man want to kiss her? This is the definitive manual on recognizing the signs that he likes you and what attracts men to kiss women.

While the thrill and excitement of a new romantic interest are undeniable, the reality is that the process may be baffling, debilitatingly exhausting, and ultimately unfulfilling. You have feelings for him and believe he may feel the same about you, but you just don’t know for sure. Not only has he not kissed you yet, but you also don’t feel confident enough to initiate the kiss. Then, what about women makes men desire to kiss them?

The moment you figure out what makes him want to kiss you, you may modify your actions to make him lean in for a kiss whenever you choose!

But things are made more difficult by the reality that not all men are created equal. One man could be completely unaffected by something that makes another weak in the knees.

Whoever claimed anything about this being simple was lying. The next step is to adopt a broad strategy. What makes a man desire to kiss a woman? Finding the solution to that puzzle will have him begging for more.

What about a woman’s lips makes a man want to kiss her so desperately?

Individuals’ tastes vary widely, and this includes the items that pique their interest. Diverse people have different preferences in males. Therefore you and your best buddy might not find the same guy appealing. So, how can you figure out what he wants from a kiss with you?

You want him to lean in, but you don’t know what to do. While not every approach will work on every man, here are some of the most understated yet alluring methods to get him weak in the knees.

Don’t just give up everything now.

We’re not discussing sexual activity; you should already be kissing by that time. The plan is to spill the beans on you to him. For many men, the attraction of a kiss from a woman stems from the fact that she requires some restraint on his part.

Be mysterious.

The last piece of advice is to maintain an air of mystery. It’s extremely alluring, and it drives men wild. There is, however, a limit to this. To be mysterious, you must reveal just enough information to pique curiosity while keeping enough information hidden to maintain an air of seductive allure. This is the winning formula that really does it for you.

Bring attention to your lips.

Use just enough lip gloss to get his attention, but not so much that he can see it from half a mile away.

You could use a bold shade of red lipstick, bite your lips, or use lip liner to draw attention to your natural lip shape and make it look fuller. Every single guy is unique. However, if you attract his focus to your lips, he will be more inclined to come in for a kiss.

A lot of looking each other in the eye.

Make eye contact to show your interest. It’s a positive indicator if he is trying to divert your attention. Staring, however, is never a good idea. Making direct eye contact and biting the corner of his mouth will get his thoughts focused on kissing. This is just one of many possible motives for a man to want to kiss a female.

Having a friendly demeanor, but restricting it to him.

Help out the poor schmuck and make his life easier. He won’t feel comfortable approaching you if you’re being distant and playing hard to get. Therefore, you should not expect a kiss.

Show him that you’re interested in talking to him, and he’ll be more likely to initiate contact. The key is to make it crystal apparent that he is the only person who should try to approach you.

Pay attention to the shape of his lips.

We’ve already mentioned highlighting your lips in some way, but if you gaze at his lips every so often, you’re basically showing him that you want him to kiss you. This tells him that he may move forward with confidence knowing he won’t be rejected. What is it about a woman that a man wants to kiss? Need, coupled with the certainty that she won’t drive him away.

Ensure your confidence.

There are many factors beyond physical appearance that contribute to a strong attraction. Of course, that’s the first step, but a woman who exudes confidence is much more attractive to a man. Many men would rather have a passionate kiss from a woman who is confident in herself than from a supermodel with low self-esteem, no matter how good she looks. You should project enough assurance that he can’t help but be attracted to you.

Feel free to crack some jokes and lighten the mood.

A Debbie Downer is the last person anyone wants to spend time with. To rephrase: people enjoy being around upbeat individuals. A male is more likely to kiss a woman if she is funny, charming, and easy to be around.

When you’re happy and positive, he can’t help but be drawn to you. To increase the likelihood of getting a kiss from him, practice smiling as much as possible.


Flirting can take on a variety of meanings depending on who you ask. However, it will undoubtedly stimulate a man’s desire to kiss a female. So, act in a way that conveys your amorous feelings for him.

So, you can bat your eyes, touch his arm or leg, and chuckle at his jokes. While smiling and tilting your head towards him, you can even flick or twirl your hair.

Motives for kissing women vary among men. Despite this, there are a few things that hold true across the board. There is a good probability that if you follow these tips, he will want to kiss you badly.

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