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What Does It Mean to Be In A Relationship Before You Get Married?

It used to be frowned upon to share a home with your significant other before getting married. In today’s society, however, it appears to be taboo if a couple does not live together before getting married because it is considered untraditional. When it comes to finding out if you and your partner can coexist peacefully in the same area, shacking up is a common method.

For some couples, signing an apartment lease before a marriage license isn’t the best option. Why do you think this is?

Using data acquired from thousands of households between 1996 and 2013, a researcher examined how cohabitation affects relationships, finances, and employment. More than half of the couples that lived together and went through a relationship transition ended up breaking up with each other..

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Given the many advantages of marriage, it’s fair to assume that cohabitation would have similar advantages. After all, marriage and cohabitation have only one thing in common: a piece of paper. According to previous studies, couples who live together prior to marriage have relationships that are short-lived and unstable. Only 40% of these relationships end in marriage, according to research, and most last less than two years.

Even more interesting was the study’s conclusion that “wealth independently predicts marriage, with couples who own a home and get interest from financial assets being more likely to marry.” You are more likely to marry if you receive the same benefits of money as the person you are dating. As a result, wealthy couples are less likely to divorce.

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For individuals who are less well-off, this study’s conclusions may be a little disheartening, but they do give a little hope: Married couples, on the other hand, tend to hold more traditional views of gender roles in the workplace. We need an end to the “male breadwinner” perspective that claims marriages in which the woman earns more than her male partner are more likely to break up before marriage because the man’s fragile ego is at fault.

Equilibrium appears to be the best way to maintain peace.

Equilibrium appears to be beneficial to society. It’s possible that this is what keeps these couples together.

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