What is Quoiromantic Confusion

What is Quoiromantic Confusion And How To Recognize It

Have you ever felt a confusing mix of emotions towards someone, wondering if it’s more than just a typical attraction? You might be experiencing quoiromantic confusion, and it’s okay. Learn more about what it means and find solace in knowing that you’re not alone.

We all get into relationships that leave us scratching our heads, and while it may be embarrassing to admit it, we sometimes leave social gatherings wondering why we said certain things.

Defining the term “quoiromantic”

What is Quoiromantic Confusion
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It’s a serious mental block to be a quoiromantic, someone who can’t make up their own mind about how they feel about a particular person. According to my Urban Dictionary research, a quoiromantic is someone who has trouble distinguishing between romantic and platonic feelings.

This may sound like an unchangeable fact about a person, but I’d argue that there are moments when you’re sure of your sexual orientation, only to have new people enter your life and cast doubt on your certainty.

Reasons you could be feeling a tinge of quoiromance.

You may be a quoiromantic for the reasons given below.

1. There’s someone you can squash. 

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The term “squish” refers to a person for whom you experience intense romantic feelings that are not sexual in nature. The confusion is warranted. Have you ever met somebody you were instantly drawn to but couldn’t explain why?

2. You have found your soul mate. 

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At times, a twin flame can feel like your soul partner, but that would be a mistake. Twin flames are soul mates. They are the one that helps you recognize your best qualities and attributes, the ones that make you feel at ease and like everything is working out just fine.

3. This person is your accomplice in crime. 


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We could all use a reliable support system of at least one person who has our backs and is always there for us. If you only have ten minutes, you should spend them with your accomplice.

4. You’re bisexually attracted to a guy. 

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You have a biromantic crush on someone if you’re attracted to them but don’t want to have sex with them. Having biromantic feelings for someone is really perplexing because you don’t know exactly what you want other than to spend time with them.

5. Infatuation has set in. 

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Older people at your local nursing home may often use the word “smitten” to describe their feelings for a partner. Infatuation might make it hard to tell if your feelings are sexual. It can make your mind spin, leading you to question whether or not your previous understanding of your sexuality was accurate. As it turns out, falling madly in love can cause some serious mental disruptions.

6. The existence of a queer-friendly friendship.

What is Quoiromantic Confusion
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If you have romantic feelings for another person but don’t want the relationship to go sexually, you and that person have a queerplatonic relationship. It’s got the potential to develop into something truly amazing and long-lasting, but only in the sense that you’ll be spending the rest of your lives together.

Everyone has met that one person that makes them feel a surge of desire to become best friends, to hang out with them, and to get butterflies in their stomachs whenever they are in the same room. And yet, the very thought of engaging in sexual activity makes us feel nauseous. Weirdness runs in our blood!

What is Quoiromantic Confusion
*Image source: Pixelbay/Pexels/Unsplash


We’ve all been in situations where someone almost turns us on, so don’t panic if you’re feeling quoiromantic. Intense love feelings can strike any time, leaving you wondering what you want, who you want, or even questioning your sexual identity.

Humans are changeable beings whose romantic feelings, emotions, and love relationships are not limited to sexual attraction. There are many partnerships that test us in some way. To be in a quoiromantic relationship is to be forced to examine everything you thought you knew about yourself, your identity, and your sexual orientation. But don’t fret; that’s actually rather typical.

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