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What It Means When They Don’t Respond to Your Text Messages

What It Means When They Don’t Respond to Your Text Messages

Dating in the last decade has taught me that being left on read is the most agonizing feeling. Taking it lying down is not an option.

The term “left on read” refers to the fact that a message you sent has been read by the recipient, but they haven’t responded to you. Scathing. Brutal. Ouch!

The current equivalent of being stood up is being left on read. It’s a pain. Closure or an explanation are not given. It can also leave you feeling depressed about your own shortcomings.

If you’ve ever been put on read, I’m here to tell you that I completely understand what you’re going through. As a result, the majority of readers disable their read receipts. The majority of folks who leave them on do so because they don’t know any better or because they don’t give a damn.

That is the source of the pain. Texting someone and waiting for a response makes you feel like a bother. Your words seem to have little impact, and they don’t seem interested in hearing from you again.

The reasons for not receiving a response to an unread message are numerous. There’s really just one explanation when you know your message was seen and read, but no one responded, and that’s a bummer.

What is it about being left on read that makes it so painful?

For one simple reason: it damages your ego. As you’re about to push send on your perfectly crafted text, you smile to yourself in anticipation of an amusing chat, some clever banter, or a flirtatious reply in return. After then, there was nothing. In spite of your disappointment at not having “seen” their text, you wait.

Soon, your text has been marked as “read,” but you haven’t received a response from the person who sent it.

Because you recognize and believe that the person you texted does not value you as much as you value them, being left on read hurts. And even worse, they don’t even think you deserve a response from them.

Do they not think you’re even worthy of a few seconds of their time to craft a basic response? I mean, you’ve both met before, haven’t you?

Why are you being ignored?

Simply put, if you’re not getting a response from someone and it’s happening more than once, it’s a bad indicator. No, they’re not interested in you at all. In the event that you receive a response from them, it’s likely that they’re rolling their eyes and replying with a generic response in order to maintain a sense of normalcy.

It’s harsh, but I’m not trying to be sarcastic. In some ways, you’re lucky this didn’t happen right in front of your eyes. Additionally, social media allows users to remain anonymous. You get a false sense of security from it. Even if it hurts when it all comes tumbling down, you can at least wait it out in a safe place till it passes.

We used to send texts and not know if they had been received. As a result of recent technological advancements, it is now possible to verify that an email has been sent, delivered, and viewed.

When you see their photo appear beside the message or the tick changes color to blue, it’s fantastic. If you wait for a few seconds, you’ll see those little dancing bubbles appear, indicating that they’re composing a message. You’ll have to wait. You’ll have to wait a bit longer. As a result, you conclude that the person who left you on read is probably too busy to respond. You wait all day and night for a response, but nothing happens.

Another sting.

You’re going to have to wait till tomorrow. If you don’t hear back from them by then, you may have to accept the fact that they simply don’t want to respond. Okay, I’ll acknowledge there’s a slim chance they’re not responding because of a legitimate reason. They may have been unable to respond due to illness and have already forgotten about it. Maybe they were going to respond, but they got distracted and forgot. It’s possible they misplaced it. Possibly, they ran out of power. A mishap is a possibility. But you’re aware of it, aren’t you? All of this is extremely unlikely to happen.

In all honesty, they may not be interested in responding to your SMS messages.

Ask yourself whether you’re being left out of the story: Is it intentional?

It may seem insignificant, but believe me, it is not. To be honest, I was surprised to learn that I was left on read. However, it isn’t always that simple.

Even if it’s technically possible, you won’t be treated as rudely as you imagine. A response isn’t always necessary to some texts or emails.

Think about how you communicate. Do you always get back to messages? Is there never a dull moment with you? When was the last time you read a text message and didn’t reply to it? Every day, I practice this habit.

It can be difficult to keep the discussion going if no one asks you a question. When someone doesn’t respond to your texts for days, it might be frustrating.

Look at your most recent text message before drawing any conclusions. Is that what you said? So, were you mid-sentence or post-sentence when this happened? Is it truly important to respond, or are you just second-guessing your actions? Do not overanalyze every time you suspect you’ll be left on read.

The fact that you’ve been put on read is a pretty good indicator that the person who sent you the message won’t be responding anytime soon. Everyone has time to stop and say hello to a stranger. Don’t squander any time by staying around in the same place.

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