What Not To Say When You're Dating A Bisexual

What Not To Say When You’re Dating A Bisexual

When dating a bisexual, there are certain things you should avoid saying, no matter how curious you are about the details of their sexual orientation, as defending one’s sexual orientation should not be a burden.

For all of human history, the LGBTQ community has been fighting against a major obstacle. Individuals should not have to defend their sexual orientation, yet some members of society, out of ignorance or prejudice, refuse to accept this.

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When all they want is to be able to love another person without fear of reprisal, the world often forces them to defend their decisions instead of letting them live in peace. That’s not some fad that appeared out of nowhere. Determining your sexual orientation is a personal freedom. A significant other should support your decision and not hold it against you.

When dating a bisexual, what should you expect?

Your top priority in a relationship with a bisexual should be figuring out how to be the best possible lover for your new flame.

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You’ll have fun, fight, and fall in love. All that really counts is that. Things that occur in the world outside of your partnership are handled by the two of you. You’ll be intrigued about their past and background, therefore they must tell you. You can’t just make something up in your head and have them back it up.

Relationship advice from movies and TV shows shouldn’t be taken as gospel if you want to keep your partner happy. Doing so will make them feel devalued and that you don’t value having them in your life.

A list of phrases to avoid when speaking to a bisexual partner.

What Not To Say When You're Dating A Bisexual
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In today’s day of bigots and hypocrites, coming to terms with your bisexuality can be a trying experience. Being an asshole won’t help your relationship if you’re already under a lot of pressure. That’s why you shouldn’t bring up your partner’s sexual history or current orientation, and you may start by avoiding these phrases:

1. “So, you’ve done it, right?” 

Everyone who identifies as a sexual minority has not necessarily had sex with someone else to verify their orientation. Your sexuality is not a badge of honor.

2. Assuming you’re up for it, “you’re definitely open to performing a threesome, right?” 

You are, it seems. Does that make you a bisexual as well? Adding a third person into the mix means you’re not testing out your partner’s sexual options, but rather expanding your own sex repertoire.

3. “Do you find any of my exes attractive?” 

So, if your girlfriend says yes to this question with a straight face, you can assume that she is ditching you for your ex. You should not assume that your bisexual partner is attracted to everyone, including your ex.

4. “Is it safe to assume that you passed the test?” 

The problem is not with the inquiry but with the underlying notion that bisexuals pose a risk of sexually transmitted diseases. An STD can infect anyone, especially if they don’t take precautions. Look beyond your partner’s sexual orientation and think about their sense of responsibility.

5. “But I thought you were done experimenting?” 

A person’s sexual orientation will not revert to the person they are now with just because they are in a committed relationship. It helps define you. The situation is not temporary.

6. “Are you homosexual or straight?” 

You two are obviously attracted to one another sexually if you’re dating. That you were both picked by each other and invested in is far more significant than any label that might be attached to either of you.

7. “Please let me know if you’re going to start like my buddies.” 

There is no correlation between being bisexual and being a danger of running away. Whether or not they are capable of experiencing attraction to someone of the same sex, they are not going to rush at the chance to hit on your pals.

8. “Were the results more satisfying when you were with a female or male partner”? 

If you stopped asking such obvious questions, we could have more satisfying sex. What counts is how you put your penises and vaginas to work for you. Which of the following statements best describes your opinion of me?

9. “I successfully converted you to the gay lifestyle.” 

You you believe that it is up to you to alter your partner’s sexual orientation? This was a personal choice made by your partner. Honor their choice and avoid making them rethink it.

10. “When you think back on the times you spent together, do you ever get lonely?” 

For a bisexual in a committed relationship, the only person they can ever truly miss is the one they’re with. That’s how healthy relationships work, right?

What Not To Say When You're Dating A Bisexual
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Discussions about your sexual orientation are allowed and expected in all of your interactions. It shouldn’t serve as a foundation for how you interact with or talk to your significant other. It’s no different to love someone who identifies as bisexual than anyone else. Their connections shouldn’t be treated as a separate category.

This is the result of asking a series of fundamentally uninformed queries. Your actions dishonor them by making fun of who they are. In your ignorance, you fail to recognize that their current status is reflected in their affection for you. They should find an adult with whom they can discuss and plan for the future, as well as whether or not they are willing to provide for each other in old age.

What Not To Say When You're Dating A Bisexual
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Someone who is bisexual is open to dating both men and women, and neither gender has any special status in their life. They do not rotate in any way. In short, they have nothing except love for their lover. Remembering that will do a lot of good for your partnership.

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