What to Do After Sending a Sexual Text Message

What to Do After Sending a Sexual Text Message to Another Person

When the inevitable happens, and a private message ends up in the wrong hands, panic can set in. It is essential to know what steps to take to minimize the damage and move forward. Here’s what to do after sending a sexual text message.

Imagine the horror, embarrassment, and shame you’ll feel when you type that sexually suggestive text message and find out you sent it to your Uncle Jimmy, the family doctor, or even worse, your ex. Yikes!

How To Fix Things When You Send a Hot Text To The Wrong Person

Even though you can’t take back what you wrote, you can save face by trying these things.

Play dumb.

With technology, people have known for a long time that wires can get crossed, and other things can go wrong. So, if you send a flirty text to the wrong person, like your parents or a friend, you should act like you have no idea what they are talking about when they reply to your picture.

For example, if you get a text back that says, “Um, what is this?” you can just say, “What are you talking about? “What’s up?” Then they’ll say something like, “The picture you just sent me is…” and you’ll ask, “What picture?” It’s likely to keep going until they get tired of you answering their questions with more questions.


Reacting rashly is the worst possible course of action. It’s like when you’re so mad about something that you say whatever comes to mind without thinking about the consequences.

The best and most important thing to do in this situation is to take a deep breath. Take a few deep breaths, and don’t send out a bunch of texts trying to explain yourself and what just happened. It won’t help you look better. So try to stay calm; if they don’t answer or say anything, just think it’s over.

Own it.

Kim Kardashian admitted to having a sex tape, and now look at her: she has millions of dollars and can do whatever she wants. Whether you like her or hate her, she at least took responsibility for the sex tape. When you take responsibility for something you’ve done, no one can really say anything because you’re admitting that you’re to blame, which is usually all people want.

So, if you send your flirty text to the wrong person and don’t want to wait and see what happens, you can just send another text saying something like, “Oh my goodness, I am so sorry I sent that to you. I meant to send it to my man.” Ha Ha!”

By acting this way, you show that you are sure of yourself and understand how awkward the situation is, making it less uncomfortable. Both you and the person you didn’t mean to send it to will be able to laugh it off.

Tell everyone that your phone was taken.

This really depends on how embarrassed you are and who you sent the message to by accident. I can see why you would be very embarrassed if you accidentally sent it to your boss or your guy’s mom. If you have to go to great lengths, you can fix a mistake text by telling everyone your phone was stolen.

Start posting on your Facebook page that your phone was stolen and you no longer have it. So, the person you sent the text to will probably think it came from the person who stole your phone and not from you. You won’t have to do anything! Please don’t update your status about your stolen phone from your phone because that would make you look even more stupid and make you feel even worse.

Talk about it.

Texting is a great way to talk if you don’t need to tell a long story or talk about something in depth. It’s easy to find out where you’re having dinner or what time you need to be somewhere, but it’s much harder to test out a whole conversation about why you’re torn between two guys or why you sent a flirty text to the wrong person.

So, if you send your flirty text to the wrong person by accident, don’t wait for them to respond by text. Instead, pick up the phone and call them to explain what happened. If you call them and tell them what’s going on, they are much more likely to understand and not judge you.


If you send a flirty text to the wrong person, you can also just apologize and let them know you’re sorry for making them uncomfortable with a “not suitable for work” text. At the end of the day, it will always help you if you apologize for something that someone else might see as rude.

When you do something wrong, you can only apologize and see what happens. If they accept your apology, that’s great. If they don’t, that’s more about them than it is about you. And if you want my honest opinion, a flirty text in today’s world probably won’t even be that surprising.

No one wants to send a flirty text or photo to someone else instead of the person they were meant for. But things do happen like this. Think about how many times you’ve dialed the wrong number by accident or left your phone in your purse and then found that it called someone you didn’t want to talk to. It does happen, and it’s one of the costs of using technology.

So, just like when we hit the wrong number and call the wrong person, we sometimes text the wrong person by accident. Know that there is always the possibility that someone else could see your flirtatious text messages and photos to your man if you are that kind of person.

No matter what happens, if you accidentally send a flirty text or picture to the wrong person, take it as a lesson. Think about how much you don’t want this to happen again, and you might be more careful with technology.

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