What To Do When You Drunk Kissed Someone

Ok, so you kissed someone while inebriated, and now things are odd. So, how can you relieve the pressure? It’s likely that you’ve shared a drunken kiss with someone if you drink alcohol. It could have felt natural at the time, or you could have been too caught up in the moment to give it any thought.

The next day, though, you awake feeling differently. Maybe you wish it had happened when you weren’t inebriated, or you regret doing it. Neither you nor the other person knows how the other feels about it or whether or not they even recall it. Do you think you could just keep quiet and pretend it never happened? Otherwise, why not deal with it?

Can you remember every detail of your drunken kiss?

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This question needs to be answered before dealing with an inebriated kiss. If you aren’t certain of what transpired, it’s best not to bring it up in conversation with the person in question.

When you’re tipsy, it’s easy to forget things. The kiss may have meant something to you, but to them, it was just carelessness. If you don’t know what happened, you shouldn’t have a talk about it.

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If you or a buddy were there, try to recall the events by talking to someone else who was there. When they see that, do they react? During that evening, did you inform them? Inquire if they thought you were having fun or if you looked like a drunken disaster. Knowing this will help you decide future moves.

You may be able to move on without discussing it if you were both intoxicated and it had no significance. However, if you felt emotional afterward or like you crossed a line in your friendship, you can discuss it more openly now.

An intervention for your intoxicated kiss.

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How you handle the aftermath of a drunk kiss depends on who you kissed. You can choose to disregard it and go on in some circumstances, but in others, some patience and open dialogue will be required.

Drunk kissing stories?

1. The hurried, sloppy kiss. 

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Whether this kiss occurred with a known or unknown person, it is usually forgettable, just like the mess you left behind in the cab. If the only thing you remember about the kiss is the smell of alcohol on the other person’s breath, then it’s probably best to forget it and go on.

It’s preferable to be polite if the other person recalls the incident and brings it up in conversation. Just say you drank too much and can’t recall much. Maybe they’ll get it and be able to move on, too.

2. Kissing my drunk best friend. 

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A drunken kiss between friends can be something funny to joke about the next weekend, or it can complicate a previously simple friendship. Whether you’re more friendly when inebriated than when sober is a key factor here.

If you’ve been here before or are with a companion who can handle it, don’t worry. It can be difficult to take back a drunk kiss exchanged with a friend who you could have feelings for or who might have feelings for you. There are two ways to explain this: it was just a drunk kiss, or it might be the start of a beautiful love story.

3. A sorry kiss for the one you like. 

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It’s the inebriated kiss you give the person you know who likes you when you’re feeling lonely. This is a self-indulgent, moment-of-weakness kiss initiated by the knowledge that you will be accepted.

This has the potential to become a terrible mess. That awkward moment after a kiss when you understand that the other person is attracted to you but doesn’t feel the same way about you.

4. Rebound kiss. 

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Are you currently recovering from a recent breakup? Perhaps your pals forced you to go out in order to cheer you up, or perhaps you chose to go out in order to take your mind off of your recent heartbreak. A drunken kiss on the rebound is not unheard of.

It’s common to move on from a prior love interest by spending at least one night with a new partner. If you’re on the rebound and you experienced a drunken kiss with a coworker, friend, or stranger, you should explain the situation to them.

5. It was a tearful embrace between ex-lovers.

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Indeed, I, too, have visited this location. The inebriation threshold for this particular kiss is usually not very high. The availability of an ex could be too much to resist after only one drink. As often as not, this occurs.

The trouble is that all it takes is a single kiss to relapse. Assuming you still have history and chemistry with your ex, this might be more than just a one-time drunk kiss. If you and an ex have a kiss while inebriated, you should explain that you were simply drawn to the comfort of familiarity. You two broke up for a cause.

6. Cheating kiss.

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Then there’s the kiss of infidelity. This is a really awful and tough situation to deal with. Tell your partner whether you were using alcohol as an excuse to kiss someone or if you were truly unable to control your actions.

Even if they don’t hear it from you first, they will eventually find out. Certainly, I would be angry if my drunken partner had kissed someone else. However, if they were to come clean straight immediately, there would be a far greater chance of forgiveness than if they buried it and I found out another way.

As innocent as a drunk kiss may seem, the consequences are rarely straightforward. Fortunately, any problem can be fixed with effective communication.

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