What to Do When You Meet an Ex-One-Night Stand

What to Do When You Meet an Ex-One-Night Stand

When you’re trying to avoid a specific person in your daily life, such as when you meet an ex-one-night stand, you may find that life is surprisingly comical. When that person is someone you slept with and then never talked to again, it’s even funnier. Your choice to have a one-night stand could have led to a lot of problems. You got past the more serious ones, like STDs, unplanned pregnancies, and crazy serial killers, which is good news for you.

When you least expect it, one bad thing that could happen to you is running into your ex-one-night stand.

What’s Wrong with Running Into a One-Night Stand You Had Before?

Good for you if you’re one of the few people who doesn’t mind running into an ex-one-night stand. But for most of us, it’s an awkward situation we’d rather not face for many reasons. Among these reasons, but not all of them, are:

You might be with the person you’re with now.

Having your partner in the same room as a stranger you slept with is a problem, whether you told your partner about your past or not. Your partner might feel uneasy or upset if they are there. If your partner isn’t paying attention, your negative reaction to your ex’s one-night stand could be so clear that your partner will know something is wrong.

You didn’t tell anyone that you slept with that person.

It was one of those embarrassing times that you’d like to forget, but fate had other plans. If you’re with your friends when you run into Mr. or Ms. Never-Called-You-Back, you have to choose between telling your friends the truth or getting into a conversation with your ex-partner that will give you away.

The person could cause trouble.

You don’t know what this person is capable of doing because you’ve never met them. Who knows what they might say in public or if they are even able to say things in a tactful way?

You might not have gotten along.

No matter who broke up with whom, someone is probably angry. Even though you may have moved on, feelings are strange. They show up when you least expect them and usually at the worst times.

You might know each other from work.

This is probably the worst reason why you can’t afford to run into people you’ve been sexual with before. Not only can it affect how well you do your job, but this person might not be as private as you had hoped. If you work with the same people a lot, and they talk a lot, it can be a huge problem.

It just feels so damn awkward!

You were inside this person, or they were inside you. You probably muttered something about them at some point. Your sweat lets them know who you are. Should I continue? Nothing is more awkward than seeing or feeling each other’s butts when the lights are off and then never seeing each other again… until you happen to meet by chance, that is.

How Should You Act If You See Them?

The best thing to do is to tough it out and keep a smile on your face. If the act of kindness seems too hard to explain, here are some ways to make this happy accident easier to deal with.

If they come up to you…

Be civil.

Someone you know ran into you. It doesn’t have to have any other meaning. Just be nice, and don’t let the fact that you had sex with this person bother you.

Keep it as short as you can.

Don’t let the talk go on longer than it needs to. You only have to stay for the nice things. After a few minutes, excuse yourself, but only if the person in your group who was talking is done.

Don’t talk about the past unless you have to.

You should only talk about the past if you left important papers at their house or if you had a child with them.

If they talk about the past…

You and your ex had a one-night stand, so tell them not to talk about it.

Any smart person would be willing to agree to such a simple request. Sex is a very private subject, and it shouldn’t be talked about with anyone else unless both people involved agree to it.

Talk nicely about what happened.

Tell them what you think and that you’re done with them. You don’t have to talk about it, but if that’s the case, you’re ready to start over as friends, acquaintances, or even coworkers.

If you want to say something, say it.

If they bring it up just to see if it will happen again, it’s up to you to decide if you’re willing to do it again. Just make sure you do it because it makes you happy and not because you want to prove something.

If they don’t care…

It doesn’t matter.

Why should you care if they don’t? Don’t think about it all night because right now is the best time. You won’t have to worry about talking to or avoiding them because they’ll do it for you. Don’t let your pride get in the way. Do not try to talk to them just because you feel ignored or rejected. You would be better off without that person in your life.

When you do it with someone you don’t know very well, it gets even more complicated. Yes, it’s fun, but you have to be ready for anything, like running into an old flame. It’s fine if you’ve known each other for a while, but some strangers don’t have the same level of discretion and subtlety that you do and need.

You don’t know what will happen when you run into a one-night stand from the past. The bright side is that you can recover quickly from any embarrassing situation and move on with your life without ever bringing it up again.

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