After a first date, you’ll want to know what to say in your follow-up texts.

What To Say After A First Date


It’s impossible to know what to expect on a first date. You never know what to anticipate on a first date, no matter how many times you’ve been on one. Although first dates might go awry, they can also be the beginning of something extraordinary. After a first date, you’ll want to know what to say in your follow-up texts.

Are you looking forward to your next encounter with them? Doubtful? Or do you simply want to avoid seeing them again? A follow-up text is necessary regardless of the outcome of a first date. However, finding the right words might be a challenge. I’m here to help you with that.

Following up on a first date with generic text messages

It’s OK if you’re unsure if you want to see them again after the first date. Even if the date went well, there was no chemistry between you. Think about whether or not you’d like to try again or go forward.

That’s perfectly OK. Make no apologies for your uncertainty. But don’t disappear on your date because you don’t know what to say.

Texts to send after a first date are a little broader, so here are a few examples. Until you make up your mind about going on another date, you can use these to keep the channels of communication open.

  1. “Tonight was a good time for me. “I’m glad you made it back in one piece.” This text does not indicate that you are infatuated with this person or that you are skipping out on a second date. When unsure about your intentions after a first date, this is a nice and courteous approach to check-in.
  2. “I hope your night was enjoyable.” This is a third option for texting after a first date that does not imply anything. You’ll also know how the date went for them when they’re done. If they seem like a good match, you might consider going on a second date, but if not, it’s OK.
  3. “We had a wonderful meal there. The fact that we tried it is something I’m delighted we did.” Instead of focusing on your lack of connection or misunderstanding, just have a lighthearted conversation with the person you’re speaking with. The food, the strange waiter, or how you’ve already gotten into the leftovers are all good topics of conversation.

Because of this, there is no reason to feel hurried. Afterward, you are free to continue conversing without immediately addressing the prospect of a second date.

  1. “Was the rest of your evening as well?” Rather than texting immediately following a date, wait until the next day. A good night’s sleep on it could help you see things more clearly. It’s also possible to inquire about their night’s events, providing additional unclear discussion points.

You want a second date, so you should send these texts after your first.

It’s impossible to describe the joy of concluding a first date that exceeded your expectations. There’s nothing quite like the thrill of a successful first date.

When you’re attempting to figure out what to text after a first date to secure a second one, that enthusiasm can soon become dread. To avoid appearing overly excited or carefree, you should keep your demeanor calm. What about you?

  1. “Sometime in the future, we should do it all again.” There is no harm in keeping things basic and concise. Start with something like this, which is a bit more generic. Try to come up with a more detailed plan if they agree.
  2. “It was an absolute blast, and I hope you had a great time, too.” Feel the situation out first if you don’t want to ask for a second date immediately. These messages are an excellent way to show your friends that you had a great time and want them to have the same experience.
  3. “Our first date was a success, so I’m confident our second date will be even better. “Would you agree?” After a first date, it’s natural to want to show off your self-assurance, but you should also consider your date’s wishes and preferences.

To follow up on a first date, it’s nice to send a flirty text that encourages the recipient to share more about themselves without feeling obligated.

If you want to call it quits on a first date, here are some texts to send.

It can be awkward when things don’t go according to plan on your first date. No one wants to be led on, but you also don’t want to harm anyone’s feelings. Use one of these texts instead of being a jerk and disappearing after a disastrous first date.

  1. “We had a good time, but I’m unsure if we connected.” I’m hoping you get the point.” Keep it brief and to the point. In a lengthy essay, there’s no need to go into detail on why you don’t want to see them again. For only one date, this should suffice.
  2. “It was a pleasure meeting you, but I’m not in the mood to continue this conversation right now.” Ideally, I’d like us to remain friends. If you had a good time on your date but didn’t get the romantic vibe, consider making a platonic friendship out of it instead. Even if you don’t plan on meeting up right away, if you have a common interest in a program or sports team, this individual might make a great addition to your social circle.
  3. “It was a pleasure meeting you, but I’m afraid this won’t work out.” Please have a good time on your journey.” After a first date, it’s best to follow up with a courteous but businesslike text message. You don’t trust each other and owe them respect, but not much more. You’re uncomfortable with each other. Don’t be afraid to text them the way you would email a job offer you don’t want.

Depending on the first date’s outcome, it can be difficult to develop the ideal texts to send. It will all be well if you choose one of these options.

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