What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

What do you think of your date, and are they right for you? Here’s what to watch out for on your first few dates, and you’ll soon master the art of deciphering body language.

There is a lot of nervousness on the first date. The first date isn’t always the best indicator of whether or not you and your date will have a long-term relationship, but that doesn’t mean it’s always the most accurate.

What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

Perhaps your date was under the influence of work-related stress, or perhaps he or she is going through a difficult period.

Finding out if the person you’re seeing is right for you requires more than one date. In the beginning stages of dating, there are a few things to look out for. On the first date, you may not notice any of these things, but after the second, third, and fourth dates, you may begin to see a pattern emerge.

Signs to watch out for on the first few dates:

Avoid dating someone who’s crazy or just not your type by watching out for these warning signs.


What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

It’s never a good sign if your date is rude to you or anyone else in the room. Because it’s likely that your date was being impolite unintentionally, you should allow them three chances to make amends. However, you have the freedom to walk away if you realize that the purpose is to insult or belittle a person.


What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

Just some folks have a hard time keeping their accomplishments quiet. If they want to, they can talk about how much money they make, how many accolades they’ve won, or how hefty their gym weights are. There is nothing wrong with feeling genuine pride in one’s accomplishments.

Your date may be exaggerating his or her accomplishments, but you should be on the lookout if your conversation frequently revolves around the topic of what he or she does well.

Having a low confidence in oneself.

What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

To some, this may be more disconcerting than the preceding red flag. As a rule, there are some people who talk about their lives in a way that elicits sympathy from the audience. 

When someone has poor self-esteem, they tend to minimize their accomplishments, make you feel sorry for them, or act like they’re always the bad guy. Trying to make someone feel better about themselves all the time will wear you out, so be cautious when dealing with this personality type.

Shows no regard for their physical appearance.

What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

It’s only natural that you’d want to look your best before going out on a date. Something clean and inviting, like a crisp blouse or a lovely dress, would be appropriate attire. If, on the other hand, you begin to realize that your date is making no attempt to look their best, that’s a massive red flag.

People who are always looking for an audience.

What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

During a date, have you ever been unable to say anything when your date begins speaking? Audience seekers are those who are always on the lookout for an audience to share their thoughts and feelings with. Your life doesn’t matter to them because it’s all about them. Those who are like this enjoy nothing more than hearing their own voices.

Too clingy.

What To Watch Out For On Your First Few Dates

To know that someone truly cares about you, especially if you’re also interested in the same person, is a wonderful thing to feel. As long as you don’t feel like you’re being held hostage by them, this isn’t necessarily a symptom of clinginess.

Other indicators of a desire include an ongoing need to text you, becoming excessively jealous, or initiating fake disputes in order to get your attention from him. A warning indication that the relationship is headed for a breakup should give you pause before going on a third date.

Two minutes without their phone is unbearable.

There is a reason why you feel as if your date is constantly tapping away on their phone, and it’s because they are more interested in checking their social media profiles rather than having a discussion with you. Honestly, who wants a partner who is that enslaved to the cell phone?

Too much intimacy.

In the event you haven’t made it clear that you’re good with being touched, your date could have a problem respecting your boundaries. When it comes to touching, the hands are usually the first place to begin, but if both partners are comfortable, they can go further. 

There are times, though, when it can be a sign that your date is trying to push the relationship further at a pace that you’re not ready for. Establishing a line between two parties is a good idea. The best way to end things is to place a barrier between you two.

It’s easy to overlook these warning flags when you’re in love. It’s the warning signs from the first few dates that come back to bother you as the relationship progresses. Don’t let your emotions be stomped on by making a move without examining these warning flags beforehand!

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