What You Need to Know About Skinny Love

What You Need to Know About Skinny Love – Are You Feeling It

If you know what “skinny love” means, you’re probably in your 20s or 30s. understanding what you need to know about skinny love is essential, as it’s a phenomenon that has likely existed since the beginning of time.

What tells me this? Because it’s with other good things. Love that isn’t returned, love between friends, and love that can’t be saved are all good friends of skinny love. So what is it, and why is it as sad as the rest?

What Does Skinny Love Mean?

Bon Iver and a popular version of the song by Birdy describe Skinny Love as vague and full of words about waiting for a chance to be with the person you love.

If you want a more detailed explanation, you can look at Urban Dictionary and see how all of the different definitions lead to this idea: When two people fall in love but are too shy to say so or don’t want to show how they feel.

Why would someone be afraid to say they’re in love if the other person feels the same way? There are clear signs that the two people involved are about to tell each other how they feel, but their personalities or something outside of them are holding them back from going further with their feelings.

The fact that these two people don’t know how the other feels is also a big problem. How should someone act when they are too shy and don’t know how the other person will respond?

When two people are in a relationship, skinny love keeps them from getting closer to each other physically or emotionally. Again, this is a matter of character, and sometimes it can even be a matter of the outside world.

Eight Ways You Know You’re in Skinny Love

So how can you be sure if your relationship is a case of skinny love or not? Some of the signs are:

  1. You feel a connection with the person you love that you can’t explain, but you can’t tell if they feel the same way about you. Most of the time, it’s because they’re too shy to say how they really feel, and your own feelings are making it hard for you to see that your partner feels the same way.
  2. You end up spending time together, but there’s either no romance or just a hint of it. Skinny romance is the same as skinny love. You need to make it bigger, or you risk it getting away from you completely.
  3. You don’t even think about getting laid. That’s right. You care more about how close you are emotionally in your relationship.
  4. Everyone keeps telling you that you’d get along well, but you’re too afraid to find out for yourself. Fear is stopping you from finding out if you’re meant to be together or not.
  5. You want to make each other happy, but you don’t do it the way people in relationships are supposed to. Sometimes you do things together as friends, but when it gets close to being a romantic relationship, you stop.
  6. When you want to tell the other person how you really feel, you shut down and wait to see if they do it first. This game of chicken you are playing with your heart is very risky, especially if you miss out on real love.
  7. When either of you tries to talk about how you feel, the other one shuts down. Love goes both ways, but skinny love always makes it go in only one direction.
  8. You can show affection by hugging, holding hands, or cuddling, but pointing it out or talking about it can make either of you pull away and close up. When you’re in a thin love relationship, you can’t go all out. You’re either expressive with your words or with your body. Both are needed for a relationship.

How Do You Overcome Skinny Love?

Before you can figure out how to get out of this love mess, you need to figure out what got you into it in the first place. If the person you love doesn’t give you any clues, you can look at yourself to figure out why you can’t push yourself to show how you feel.

There are a lot of ways to end up in this kind of situation. The main reason is that you or your friend are too shy to say how you really feel. This is probably because you are afraid or worried that your friend won’t feel the same way or that your feelings might ruin what you already have.

Instead of thinking about what might happen, you might want to think about what is happening now. Your relationship with your friend is just waiting to grow into something deeper. You just need to know how to do that:

Conquer your fear.

Once you know what’s stopping you from being more open with your partner, you can start taking steps to overcome that fear. You can either face it or say that being with the person you love is more important.

Respect the limits of your partner.

This skinny love thing is going on between two people. Even though your partner might not be ready for such a big change, you are. Tell them your side of the story, but don’t make them decide right away.

Don’t just start.

The name “skinny love” comes from the fact that two people can’t build up enough energy in their relationship to express themselves fully. You’re used to taking things slowly, so there’s no reason to change that. Just ease into the conversation and make sure to talk about everything you want to talk about in your relationship.

Be true to yourself.

You’re making a big change in the way you’re with each other. You don’t want things to go wrong. Things will only go wrong if you’re not the person your partner fell in love with. Don’t lie about what you want because you’re afraid to say what’s on your mind.

Don’t hold back anything, even afterthoughts.

You were stuck in this rut because of your fear and doubt. Be transparent. Don’t try to avoid the problem. If you do, you won’t get any further from where you are now. Worst of all, if your partner misunderstood how you felt because you were too afraid to say everything, you might even go backward.

Don’t care what other people say.

Most likely, your closest friends and family have given you the best advice, but that’s about it. You have all the power and must make important decisions. If you think getting closer to the person you like will make you happy, do it.

Remember that you can always try again.

Don’t worry if the first try doesn’t work. You have more going for you than people who are still looking for “the one.” You have to keep trying because you know deep down that it will be worth it.

Never regret your decision.

If your fears come true, don’t feel sorry for yourself and say, “I knew it!” It’s good that something did happen! You would be much worse off if you were stuck with your loved one. It’s better to know where you stand and find out if the person you love is willing to fight for your future.

People say that “almost” is one of the saddest words in English, and “almost” is the best word to describe skinny love. Either go out and say what you feel or spend your whole life wondering what might have been.

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