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When to Leave a Relationship: Top 4 Signs

When to leave a relationship? It’s a tough one. We would like to say – it never happens, but unfortunately, this isn’t the case. If it is happening for you, try our top 4 signs to help you decide when to leave a relationship.

Whether it is in love or marriage, when a relationship occurs, whoever can’t control his emotions will drive his feelings along with the other’s behavior. The so-called, whoever loves more, loses.

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The one who loves the deepest is always easy to compromise and be led by the nose. Although this is purely voluntary, for a woman, being taken by a man means that you are in this relationship. It will appear highly humble.

Most of the time, you follow the arrangements of the man. This is why many women, whether before or after marriage, have no right to speak in front of a man. Whatever you say will be rejected by him. 

In the end, you still listen obediently. What he says is what he says. Sometimes a woman feels helpless, but she has no alternative. Then, what behaviors does a man have to show that he has “saved” a woman? There are experts opinions on when to leave a relationship that you might want to know, for now here are the top 4 signs.

4 Signs to know when to leave a relationship

1. “Disappear” anytime

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A man won’t contact you without telling you. When he wants to appear, he will disappear in front of you. When you ask him why this is the case, he always has many reasons to explain and prevaricate. You, because his sweet words are enough to handle you.

When you face a man who “disappears” for the first time, you are easily coaxed by him and believe his nonsense. Next time, he will play like this without scruples because he has enough self-confidence to convince you. He expects you will never leave him, so he will do whatever he wants and neglect your feelings.

2. Self-centered

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When a man feels that he is “satisfying” you or that you are very easy to compromise, he will concentrate on himself no matter your preference. In many cases, he will not care about your feelings because he is used only to follow his heart. In other words, you revolve around him, and you will follow wherever he goes and whatever he does, and there is no complaint.

When a man realizes such a situation, he is even more unscrupulous in his behavior. Because for him, his preference is the most important thing. You always center on him, so over time, he will forget how to love you!

3. Neglect your feelings, and care about you

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This might be the saddest sign and the saddest reason to know when to leave a relationship. When you love a man to death, the man will neglect you. He will not care about your feelings or even take care of you when you are not feeling well. He will not even care about your health. 

He always uses work as an excuse to prevaricate you because you have no reason to blame him. He will think that it’s no big deal to be unhappy about some small things or have a minor illness, so don’t be too hypocritical. And this tiny thing or minor illness may grow gradually.

4. Always ambiguous with other girls

When a man dominates you, he will unscrupulously become ambiguous with other women around him, either on social media or in the office. In short, he will not let go of everything that may happen.

A man always thinks about getting more women, and you will become a spare tire, never caring about your feeling, sadness, or pain.

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Even when you propose to break up, he will not stay because, in his heart, you can’t really leave him, or maybe he will coax you back sweetly and whispers when he feels he needs you.

When all the dominance is in the man’s hands, the woman is like a “pet” led by his owner. You have to go wherever the owner goes. When he is happy, he will tease you, scold you when he is unhappy, and even ask you to roll into the corner without making any noise. 

If you find yourself with such a man, leave quickly, you won’t be happy.

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