When to Stop Pursuing a Girl

Do you realize that persistently pursuing a female would make her despise you? Then, you should educate yourself on how long a man should date a lady and when he should back off.

First and foremost, you should always value your time; thus, knowing when to quit chasing a lady is crucial.

Second, if you follow a female for too long despite her repeated requests that you back off, she will resent you. Once that happens, there’s nowhere to go but down, so give up on trying to win her over.

Questions such as, “Should I be patient with her or move on?” indicate that you should give her space because it’s clear that she has no interest in having you around.

Let’s get down to brass tacks so I can explain everything in greater detail. Read on to learn how to pursue a woman without appearing desperate.

How Long Should You Try to Pursue Her If You’re A Man?

So, what exactly does it entail to “pursue” a female?

To put it plainly, to pursue someone means to express romantic interest in them and then act on that attraction. To persistently pursue someone, to attract their interest, ask them out on dates repeatedly.

It’s a delicate balancing act to do it right and not turn her off because it’s irritating and unsightly to appear desperate and needy if you do it too often. Too little, and they might not take you seriously because you showed you weren’t interested.

With this in mind, how long a guy should pursue a woman relies on several factors, including her receptivity to your advances. And whether her response is a firm “NO,” a “maybe,” or something in between.

Let’s tackle the tricky question first.

1. The answer no means “no.”

This one needs a little explanation.

If a female rejects your date request and her body language is cold, aggressive, or harmful, you shouldn’t waste time with her. It’s time to call it quits on your pursuit of her because she has no interest in you.

You should call it quits on pursuing her and move on if you value your sanity.

It’s crucial to know when to stop pursuing a female.

As you can see, body language is crucial for distinguishing between a firm and a vague rejection. 

You might try again in a week or two if you see each other sometimes to see if she reconsiders. However, she probably won’t because she has already decided she doesn’t want to date you.

Ask her if you see each other frequently due to shared activities such as school, work, or a hobby club. It is considering how that usually turns out.

It would help if you made a concerted effort to behave in a way that she finds attractive. And now she sees what a great guy you are.

If you can convince her repeatedly that you’re a good time and someone she’d enjoy spending time with, she may be open to going out with you again. She frequently changed her mind at that time. Alternatively, you may strive to make friends and have a good time with everyone in the group, as this will provide powerful social proof.

2. A polite refusal means, “Why should I?”

If she declines your date request, see how she reacts.

Only some things are lost if you see that she likes you, is still interested in talking to you, wants to hang out with you, etc.

Even if she doesn’t accept your invitation, if her body language isn’t antagonistic but relatively neutral or positive, that’s a good sign. You should not give up on a woman at this point.

Simply put, it’s polite to say, “Show me why I should go out with you.”

She likes you and would like it if you pursued her, but she has doubts.

It would help if you were patient with her and did not pursue other options now because the odds of success are very high in the long run. As your conversations with her progress, be yourself and make her laugh.

Remember that I promised to teach you how to attract women without appearing desperate, creepy, or weird.

Here is what you should do to get her attention without coming off as desperate or creepy:

Only sometimes be asking her out! Demonstrate to her that you’re a whole and busy human being. Demonstrate to her that she isn’t the only thing on your mind by telling her about all the other things you enjoy doing.

3. If you want her to chase you, this is a crucial step.

In addition to what I’ve already said, try to strike a more alluring pose whenever you’re in her presence. Get her to see what a great guy you can be. Prove to her that you are someone others would like to spend time with.

Have fun with her, flirt, make her laugh, etc., to increase her chances of liking you.

When you realize she can’t get enough of you, consider the time you suggested going on a date with her. If she agrees, make it sound like a fantastic experience, and see where it takes you.

To be more specific, try to attract her attention without drawing undue attention to yourself. If you want to be happy and prosperous, tell yourself, “Hey, I’m having a good time alone. I’m doing all these exciting things, and hanging out with me is fun. I’ll have a good time with or without you, but it’d be fantastic if you could come along too.

Suppose it’s a maybe.

Should I try to be patient with her if it’s a maybe, or should I go on?

Should I try to be patient with her, or should I continue?

Okay, I can handle this one without much trouble.

I find it annoying when ladies engage in game playing. Having a good time together will make ladies want to go out with you, or it won’t simply; women make these assessments of men rapidly and often without even realizing it.

Dealing with that is pretty easy, especially if you can prove to her what a terrific guy you can be.

When she only says “maybe,” you find yourself in an awkward position of having to “prove yourself” to her. This puts everything into a dumb dynamic in which you will always be disadvantaged and have low self-esteem.

When a girl says “maybe” to me, I immediately put her on the spot because I hate that kind of thing. I talk to her for longer, show her I can be entertaining and exciting, and demonstrate why she should want to spend time with me. I’ve enjoyed our conversation, but I have to go going. Would you like to go out with me this week?

In any case, this is how I operate.

The “maybe” may be interpreted as a “soft no” if you attempt to think of it that way. And then proceed with the steps I outlined above. If you keep at it, you can usually convince her to agree.

Just ensure you come from a place of power rather than weakness and desperation.

How long should one wait before giving up on a woman?

After how long should a man cease pursuing a woman?

It would help if you kept at it for as long as it takes, but no longer until she gives you firm NOs. Then you should give up on dating altogether.

Desperation and neediness are about as unattractive as it gets. And if you keep pursuing a lady, she will eventually pick up on this trait in you. Then you’ll have effectively sealed your fate, and there will be NO WAY to reverse it.

As soon as she realizes your desperation, any respect or desire she may have felt for you will go forever.

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