There is a nagging suspicion in your head that these kinds of relationships don’t end well.

Why Do Yoyo Relationships Never Work

Are you in the middle of a repeat-relationship, expecting that one more opportunity will solve all of your previous problems? We have a laundry list of reasons why you should just give up. People often ask, why do yo-yo relationships never work? Here are the reasons why.

why do yo-yo relationships never work

When it comes to on/off relationships, things aren’t always as awful as they appear. Being with someone who not only knows you well but has also been through significant difficulties with you is reassuring in and of itself. The past may not be so horrible after all if you can move past it. In the end, you and your ex had a reason for breaking up, a cause that becomes more acceptable over time.

Please understand that you’ve tried dating before and failed miserably. Once, twice, or even three times, you’ve made the wise decision to end your relationship with this individual because of the difficulties you’ve encountered.

When it comes to your love life, why are Yo-Yo partnerships bad?

why do yo-yo relationships never work

This is the truth, people. There is a nagging suspicion in your head that these kinds of relationships don’t end well. Several factors contribute to this.

Neither of you can be trusted by the other.

It’s going to be twice as difficult to trust your ex as it was the first time around. Let’s say she cheated and was caught in your last round. Even if you forgive, you’ll probably never forget, and those doubts will begin to grow in the recesses of your mind.

why do yo-yo relationships never work

There are several concerns and betrayals to mull over when you’ve been through a breakup more than once, on top of the difficulty of trusting a new person in your life after being in a relationship that comes and goes.

Problems from the past resurface.

In on-and-off relationships, old issues seem to resurface with greater vigor and force than they do for first-timers. What’s the rationale behind the switch? Because these aren’t new issues that came up over the 3-month period of dog love.

why do yo-yo relationships never work

The perfect puppy love that allows you to ignore initial flaws in a relationship is less likely to be shown in recurring relationships than it is to convert you into a growling canine. In an on/off relationship, issues are more complex. These issues are either repeating ones from the previous relationship, or they arise from something more fundamental, such as the issues that led to the breakup in the first place.

You two are too well acquainted.

why do yo-yo relationships never work

One of the drawbacks of a yo-yo relationship is that you get to know each other so well, sometimes to an uncomfortable degree. All of the amazing things about them, like how they care for you, how they laugh and play and how good they are in difficult circumstances, you already know. However, you’re also well versed in how they cheat, lie, and evade you.

You’re no longer making an effort to improve yourself.

YO-YO relationships have a tendency to fall apart when you stop trying to make it work, a common problem. When a relationship isn’t taken seriously, it’s simple to have an on-and-off connection. 

why do yo-yo relationships never work

You’ll be in a “presto relationship” with someone you already know you like in a matter of seconds, as previously mentioned. This could be the stumbling block in your rekindled romance: you’re not even trying.

In some ways, your old flame has become your backup plan, floating somewhere between friends with benefits and a romantic relationship. After a broken relationship, you’re inclined to turn to your “fallback flame” for comfort. It’s like having an “in-between” relationship to keep you company, like a rebound or a summer fling.

You have your own life apart from them.

While it’s healthy for couples to do things apart from being together all the time, a separate life is unhealthy. Because you know they’ll turn on you at some point, you’ve erected a mental barricade.

why do yo-yo relationships never work

No matter what happens, if you aren’t completely invested in it, you won’t feel the full force of it. Wrong. In order to make this work, you can’t just write off your relationship and refuse to bring your partner into your life. This is unfair.

It’s romanticized to go back to a former love, as if somehow if you succeed, it will erase all of the sorrow that you’ve endured and make it all worthwhile. However, don’t be deceived by a past relationship; you deserve better than to suffer through another heartbreak at the hands of someone who has already betrayed you.

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