Why Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Picture

Why Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Pictures?

Nowadays, a lot of guys send unsolicited dick pictures from is, and has become a norm. What men are thinking, how to respond, and how to stay safe from unwanted advances are all discussed below.

With the rise of dating apps like Snapchat and Tinder among both desperate serial daters and serious singles, it’s nearly impossible to avoid being the recipient of an unwanted dick photo. Stopping yourself from what? That dickhead picture. Obviously a phallic picture. That was the cock shot. 

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That picture of someone’s privates showing through their boxers, or that picture of their bare underwear in the restroom. We’ve all gotten the dickpic that we didn’t want, whether it was from a drunk ex, a booty call sext, or a well-endowed prick.

The problem is that there are far too many random, unsolicited, and, needless to say, flavorless noodle apps appearing on our phones. Yes, ladies dig a jerk, but not in an overtly sexual shot. If only sending a woman a picture of a dick would make her want to have sex with the sender.

The question is why guys give dick pictures when they aren’t asked for them?

In general, most ladies hate it when guys send them naked photos of themselves. In fact, most of the time, when males send them something, it leaves them completely bewildered. Assuming women want to see it before getting to know the person, what gives them that idea? Here are various scenarios in which a man might send an unwanted dickshot.

1. Consider it the “standard.”

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Sadly, this is just the world we are living in now. Thanks to modern technology, men can now accomplish this. When phones weren’t so ubiquitous and texting wasn’t so common, nobody ever thought to send an unsolicited dick picture.

2. Women don’t stop them.

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Let’s face it – a lot of women don’t stop a guy from sending an unsolicited dick pic. They let the guys get away with it. Men are less likely to send a message if a woman promptly rejects it or warns them not to bother because she doesn’t like it. If you don’t want to keep getting unwanted dickpictures, you have to stop it from happening.

3. He’s making an effort to have sexual relations with you.

Why Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Pictures
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Surely there is no need to explain this? He wants to get laid. And he believes that a photograph of his dick will make you sexually aroused and receptive to him. Perhaps he envisions it beginning with sexting and developing into something more serious down the line. Indeed, that is arguably the primary motivation for men to engage in such behavior.

4. He is not particularly clever.

Why Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Pictures
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We’re not trying to give guys the benefit of the doubt here, but if they knew how it genuinely turned some women off to get an unsolicited dick shot, maybe they would stop doing it. They are unable to empathize with the vast majority of females and understand why this is abhorrent to them.

5. He has had success with this strategy before.

Men would cease taking uninvited dick pictures if women called them out on it, as we said previously. But a lot of ladies don’t, and they just play along.

6. Why people give dick pictures when they aren’t asked to?

Why Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Pictures
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Dick pictures are universally despised by women. But the number of men who send them keeps growing. Why? There is a deeper, more revolting cause, in addition to the ones we’ve just covered. More specifically, this refers to the random dick choices that may appear in your direct messages or on your dating profile.

Sending out a dickpic without being asked for it is a lot like public flashing. A public flasher is not interested in your sexual arousal. You are the one who is surprised.

Why Guys Send Unsolicited Dick Pictures
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He feels like he has authority and power over a sexual moment in your life because he has captured your attention, exposed himself to you, and surprised you. We’re talking about complete strangers who DM dick images here, so don’t expect him to be interested in having sex with you if you’re already friends.

However, he knows that you have seen his penis (a sexual organ) at least briefly because he exposed it to you digitally. Moreover, that’s precisely what he’s hoping for. He had the opportunity to make you fantasize about him sexually, even if only for a split second. 

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