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Why Is Haunting Is Worse Than Ghosting

Why Is Haunting Is Worse Than Ghosting

Surely you’ve heard of ghosting in this day and age of instant romance, instant breakups, and even more instant technology. In the dating world, though, there is a new craze called “haunting,” and sure, it is worse. Here’s the skinny on ghosting vs. haunting.

What is ghosting?

After being ghosted, you are left feeling bewildered and empty, which might seem like a slap in the face depending on how powerful your connection was. However, the agony will never be relieved. It doesn’t seem to stop.

You have no idea why a relationship came to an end. There is a glimmer of optimism that they may have lost their phone or forgotten your number. However, you’re well aware that this isn’t the case.

In the world of ghosting, it is impossible to find closure. You experience all the emotions associated with a breakup, but you are spared the justifications, disagreements, or the actual ending. POOF! There is a complete lack of sound.

I know what you’re thinking. You won’t believe what you’re about to learn about haunting.

What is haunting?

A haunting is nearly impossible to ignore in its exact form. A ghost may be lurking in your home. Cool. As long as it keeps its head down and doesn’t say anything, you can finally get on with your life. However, you can’t ignore a haunting if you live in a house that has one.

Everywhere you look, you see that spooky ghost. Cold air comes down your neck, the door is slammed open, and your cat is scared. Isn’t there a distinction? It’s a similar concept in the dating industry.

For the most part, ghosting occurs when someone disappears from your life. When you are being haunted, the presence of the person who is haunting you creeps back into your life in the most subdued manner possible. In other words, they’re no longer among us, but we won’t forget them.

Ghosting and haunting

Haunting is just as bad as ghosting, as previously stated. But at least you can forget about the individual who ghosted you at some point in time. Whenever you’re haunted, they’ll first disappear, then return in waves.

Consider the scenario where you see a snapshot of an ex while going through old files. Someone might comment that you look like you’ve just seen a ghost. ‘ But think if you had to see that picture of your ex every day. And it’s not just a freak occurrence either. They are sending you the picture on purpose.

Before the advent of modern technology, haunting would have been like this. With the advent of social media, it’s now possible to re-create this experience at will.

Even if they don’t seek you out, you won’t be able to forget about this person. They’re stalking your online persona.

1. He or she is following you on Instagram or Snapchat. In order to be a proper ghost, a person would delete you from social media or, at the very least, cease all communication with you. However, a haunter will continue to appear in subtle ways like this. Occasionally, they’ll participate in a vote on the social media site Instagram.

2. When you post something, they like it or even remark on it. Another method of haunting is employed here. This individual isn’t going to reach out to you, but they’re going to make it clear that they want to get to know you. Silently they are telling you that they don’t want to chat to you but that they do desire your discomfort and irritation at the fact that they are still glancing at your posts.

We’ve all snooped around on our ex’s social media pages. In addition, haunting is a more complex phenomenon. Indirectly engaging with you, but knowing that you’ll receive a notification about it, is what it’s all about. You don’t want the person you’re talking to know that you’re doing it. However, a specter does. Double tapping is their preferred method of frightening you.

3. Establishing communication by means of a more indirect route. Haunting can occur in the real world as well as online. A guy from your building ghosted you, for instance. The stairs or a separate hallway would be easy ways to avoid you, as well. By purposefully going by your work or ordering lunch at the same place you do, he terrifies you.

It’s much worse because he doesn’t say hello or explain himself to you but instead just stands there and stares at you. He might even look you in the eye.

4. They go out of their way to reach out to you. An experienced haunter is at work here. Despite the fact that they may be stalking you on social media, they send you a text. However, do they provide an explanation for their absence? Not at all.

As a result, they go about their business as if nothing ever happened. The awkwardness of you saying something like, “Um, where have you gone for a month?” They’ll either come up with a generic excuse, get defensive, or just disregard the question.

“They’re back,” not “Yay, they’re back,” is how a proficient haunter is greeted when he or she returns. They may ask you why you don’t like them, why you’re mad at them, or if you can just put it out of your mind. Don’t be possessed by a spectral presence.

5. You can still feel them. You’re stuck with them. Because of this internet presence, a prior romance or flirtation is still lingering in your mind. When you’re not thinking about them, BAM, they favorite your tweet.

You’ll also be left feeling a little out of place. Are you overly suspicious, or did they genuinely ghost you? Was it merely socializing, or was there anything more sinister going on? What’s the point of this?

When it’s been a while since you’ve seen each other, haunting can feel like an ax to the stomach. Every time their handle appears on your phone, you get a rush of adrenaline. Exes haunting you might be a major infraction if you were in a serious relationship. Your progress is hindered because of it.

Intentions of a haunter

What happens when a ghost doesn’t commit to ghosting? Is it possible that they’re regretting their heinous actions? Is it possible that they’re just naive?

Numerous phantoms sought to discover if there was something finer somewhere else, tried, and failed, before returning with a scurry. Some people truly believe they are innocent. Others, on the other hand, are simply mean. Invoking the spirit of another person creates a sense of authority.

Even if this individual knows it, they continue to mess with your emotions. Their lines of contact have been cut off, and all they can do now is tease you with the occasional watch or like. They want to be a constant presence in your thoughts, so you will never completely be free of them.

When a haunting occurs, how do you stop it?

When it comes to sluggish daters, there’s no such thing as a haunted exorcism or sage cleansing. As a result, blocking them is your best bet. Because you don’t want to be dragged down by that bad energy, you need to be firm with yourself about it. He or she has abandoned you. That is entirely their fault. They aren’t allowed to merely follow you around.

You and your social media accounts need to let go of the things that are bothering you. If they can’t see you, they can’t torment you.

As awful as ghosting has become a fad, haunting has also become a popular pastime. Haunting was terrible enough, but ghosting is worse. These cowards can’t seem to get past the difficulty of completely ignoring someone. Their fingers can’t stop tapping away at your articles and posts, and it’s eerie and disturbing.

Another possible explanation is that tracing ancestry prior to the advent of modern technology was a lot simpler.

What is the difference between haunting and ghosting? Relatively short-lived and painful relationships. No one wants a specter from their former relationships to follow them around.

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