Why It’s Important to Maintian Eye Contact When Flirting and How To Do It

It’s a well-known adage that staring someone down can profoundly affect them. This may be the best way to get someone’s attention, especially when flirting.

It’s common sense that if someone is staring at you intently, they want something from you. To catch your attention, express attraction, or flirt with you are all possible motives. And this is especially true if the gaze is held for an extended period of time.

Prolonged eye contact, however it may feel strange at first, is an effective flirting technique you should employ. We were taught early on that staring is impolite. While young, we were taught not to stare, but as we matured, we found we couldn’t help ourselves.

As an adult, though, you can use eye contact to your advantage when flirting, thus this is no longer the case.

How to maintain a flirtatious gaze and what it says about you.

Everyone who looks you in the eye isn’t necessarily trying to connect with you. Before you can practice making excellent eye contact when flirting, you need to understand what it implies.

1. They are making a subtle statement.

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Don’t assume someone is trying to flirt with you just because they maintain eye contact for a while. They’re trying to tell you something. Someone is trying to communicate with you if they are looking directly at you and raising their eyebrows in a non-sexual manner.

2. They find you to be quite appealing.

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It’s possible to confuse this with the seemingly more obvious one. Someone is attracted to you if they maintain eye contact with you for an extended period of time and then grin or wink at you.

3. They want you to pay attention to what they’re saying.

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It’s possible they find you attractive and want to strike up a conversation with you. The person making eye contact with you wants to have your attention. Don’t forget what we told you about talking sexually to an unknown person. This might happen if the other person wants you to focus on them.

4. They are simply not paying attention.

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Do you ever find yourself staring fixedly at an item or person for what seems like an eternity? Maybe that’s the case when someone stares at you intently. Maybe they’re not flirting at all but are simply preoccupied with other things.

5. They want to flirt with you, obviously.

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The most blatant example is this one. Someone is flirting with you if they hold eye contact with you for an extended period of time and display other indicators of attraction. You know they’re flirting if you’ve reached this point, and none of the other signals above apply.

What are some flirtatious ways to maintain eye contact for an extended period of time?

Prolonged eye contact in a flirtatious context can be challenging because it runs the risk of coming off as weird and unnerving if not executed properly. You need not worry! In this tutorial, you will learn the exact steps to take in order to master this technique.

1. To begin, you should start by looking at them.

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Don’t make intense, sustained eye contact right away. If you do that, you’ll definitely scare them. You should merely occasionally send them fleeting, flirtatious glances. Check in on them occasionally, but don’t become obsessed.

2. Allow them to know you’re observing them.

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Then, when you’ve given them the once over, show them that you’re giving them the once over. Read these all the way through with your eyes closed. Not quite lengthy eye contact, but definitely ways to ramp up the sexual tension right away!

3. Keep your mouth shut and shyly avert your gaze.

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The moment you realize they have spotted you assessing them from head to toe, give yourself a gentle mental bite on the upper lip and turn aside. When they perceive that you care, it will pique their curiosity. You’ve watched every romance film ever made in which someone bites their lip, right? The fact that it is understated yet seductive is a large part of its success.

4. Then, look at them directly in the eyes and maintain eye contact.

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You’ve mastered discreetly averting your gaze thus far. Wait a moment before you turn to look at them directly in the eye. Try not to worry if they don’t look at you right away. They will be looking in your direction again if you did your job and they observed you bite your lip.

5. Hold their gaze and give them the barest of smiles.

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What’s the use of making genuine eye contact if you can’t crack a smile? Give them the briefest of smiles after they’ve looked directly at you for several seconds. You should be subtle enough so that they know you’re smiling at them specifically. If they return your smile, you’ve got them!

6. You need not fixate on their eyes constantly.

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Prolonged eye contact can be made in any direction other than directly at the eyes. It need just be a little area close to their eyes, such as the bridge of their nose or the corner of their mouth. Be careful not to make them feel too awkward by staring at their eyes without blinking.

7. Make use of your body language.

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Like we indicated up top, body language is crucial. When flirting, employ hand gestures instead of staring at each other for too long. Because it’s easy to appear creepy if you just stare at them without making any gestures, *hence the purpose for the smile afterward*! If you want to show interest in what the other person is saying, it’s important to nod, smile, and make movements even if you’re already talking.

Being able to maintain flirtatious eye contact for an extended period of time is a valuable skill. You’ll see immediate results in your dating life if you follow these tips.

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