Why it’s Possible to Love Someone Too Much and Ruin Their Heart

How much love is too much love? Although new romantic relationships are thrilling, they can be damaged by excessive displays of emotion. There is such a thing as loving someone too much, contrary to love romances, chick films, and epic poetry. You can drive your new love away if you don’t know when to stop smothering them.

Too much love may suffocate a spouse, and many people are addicted to it without recognizing it. And while they’re doing that, they’re oblivious to the red flags that should have alerted them to the impending breakup.

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A new relationship is thrilling, but it’s important to remember that you still need to be cautious. Being attentive without smothering your partner is tricky.

Do not let love cloud your judgment; instead, learn to recognize warning signs. When your partner’s tolerance and annoyance thresholds are repeatedly breached, they will likely show indicators that they need you to pull back. Disappearing without a trace, canceling last-minute, and finally breaking up with you are all red flags.

Isolating yourself from someone you care about too much is one reason why.

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You can’t prove your love by smothering the person for which it is intended. Instead, it betrays characteristics of instability and selfishness. While it’s admirable to show your significant other your undying affection, it’s not hard to go over the line into smothering behavior. Many people who smother their loved ones claim they do so out of an overwhelming sense of loss. 

However, the truth is that the more you suffocate someone with love and care, the further away you are pushing them. Loving someone does not necessitate hovering over their shoulder and monitoring their every move, after all. To love is to be selfless and reliable. You aren’t ready for a serious commitment if you can’t provide these basics for your new partner.

Justifications on why overly devoted love is fatal:

1. Nobody enjoys being confined.

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Cutting off a bird’s flying feathers eliminates the animal’s ability to fly. Please don’t do that to your significant other. The act of severing their avian appendages effectively ties them to you. If you show someone too much love, you end up suffocating them. In other words, they need you to put a target on the back of their head before they make a decision.

2. Stops the progress of your connection.

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Smothering someone will not only hinder the development of the relationship, but also that of the other person. In the case of a new romantic relationship, this is especially true if the two of you are young. Your relationship and you need space to grow. No matter how much love there is between you, you must allow the other person time and space to accept you into their life.

3. Puts an end to their autonomy.

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Smothering your significant other with attention can prevent you from allowing them the crucial space to develop as an individual. No of how they feel about it, whatever choice they make will have to include you. You rob your partner of the opportunity to be self-reliant when you hover over every decision they make, from when to take a shower to what they should have for supper to whether they should move their career abroad.

4. Spending more time with somebody makes you more likely to get a bad opinion of them.

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As any partnership will attest, familiarity creates both contempt and boredom. Everybody needs some personal room. Old married couples still benefit from occasional alone time. Since being apart allows your significant other to experience true longing, it’s clear that this adage is true.

5. An indication of despair.

The more you smother a new love, the more desperate and needy you will seem, even if that is not the case. Keep in mind that nobody wants to be with someone who can’t hold their own in life. You need to step up as a strong individual and demonstrate to your new significant other and to yourself that you are capable of handling the grownup responsibilities that come with a committed romantic partnership.

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Avoid smothering your spouse, as this can give the impression that you’re desperate, which is a very unappealing trait to have in a romantic partner.

Even while you enjoy spending time with your significant other and can’t imagine life without them, remember that smothering them with your love will have a detrimental effect on them. This path will lead you to ruin, and you will end up crippled as a result.

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