Why Men And Women Should Do Kegel Exercises

Why Men And Women Should Do Kegel Exercises

Better sex, sex organs, and sex control can all be attained with regular Kegel practice. Do you really need any more convincing to join the Kegel club? If so, you probably already know that frequent Kegel exercises are beneficial for both men and women in numerous ways, including the development of stronger erections, firmer pussies, and more intense orgasms. In addition to the obvious sexual benefits, this form of exercise has many positive health effects as well.

The pelvic floor is often weaker after pregnancy, childbirth, or simply gaining weight. This causes the dreaded “sneeze, then squirt” effect that women have come to despise, which decreases bladder control. Kegel exercises are effective because they strengthen the PC muscles, which are responsible for this issue.

How exactly do you perform Kegel exercises if you can’t even see your own Kegels? Read on to learn the benefits of completing Kegel exercises as well as the proper form for doing them, regardless of your gender.

How To Perform Kegel Exercises as A Woman

So you’ve decided to give Kegels a try, but you’re a little confused about how to perform them properly. The resolution is simple.

Start by urinating and pausing in the middle to have a better idea of the muscle you’re trying to work. The Kegel exercise requires the contraction of the same muscle that you utilized to halt the flow. After relieving yourself of urine, contract and hold the sphincter muscles for as long as you can before releasing them.

Inserting a finger into the vagina and “squeezing” the vagina against the finger is another effective way. When you clench your teeth, you’re completing the Kegel exercise. While looking for optimal outcomes, doctors advise doing three sets of 10 Kegels daily.

The Vaginal Benefits of Doing Kegel Exercises

Is there any good reason for women to do Kegel exercises? Substantial amounts, in fact! As a first step, daily Kegel exercise can help you…

Better orgasms.

Are you saying that vaginal squeezing several times a day can increase the power and explosiveness of your orgasms? Who among us wouldn’t be yelling, “Sign me up!” in this situation? During the peak of an orgasmic experience, a woman’s vagina will constrict, delivering waves of pleasure throughout her body. You can thank those priceless PC muscles for your happiness. Hence, if you want stronger contractions and an even more intense orgasm, work on building those muscles.

More genital firmness.

If you’re working out your vaginal muscles, you’ll notice that they tighten up as the rest of your muscles do. This will make your sex life a dream come true for you and your partner. Also, your pelvic floor is accountable for maintaining proper positioning of your pelvic organs. You can avoid the discomfort of a uterine, rectal, or vaginal prolapse by strengthening your pelvic floor muscles.

Bladder control.

Kegel exercises are especially helpful if you have a weak bladder or if you have recently given birth. A stronger pelvic floor and pelvic wall mean less chance of urine incontinence or other “leaks.”

How To Perform Kegel Exercises as a Man

The benefits of using Kegels aren’t limited to females. Completely “clenching” has positive effects on men as well as women. Therefore, the first step is to learn the process. If you want to strengthen your Kegels, you need to know which muscles to focus on. Since you can’t see your muscles, this can be difficult at first.

If you’re like me, you’ve probably tried to take a leak before someone knocked on the door. Your gushing stream suddenly slowed to a trickle and eventually stopped altogether. To perform a Kegel, you must contract this muscle. To halt the flow of pee, men and women both clench the pubococcygeus, or “PC” muscle.

Simply clench those muscles as tightly as you can for 10 seconds at a time, release, and repeat this cycle three times each day in one set of Kegels.

How Guys Can Benefit from Kegel Exercises

The benefits to males of regularly performing Kegel exercises extend beyond what may seem at first glance to be apparent. These are some strong arguments in favor of keeping up with your regular clenching.

Improved erection.

MensHealth reports that 40 percent of erectile-dysfunctioning men who performed Kegel exercises regularly for six months had improvements in their sexual performance.

What if, though, you aren’t affected by erectile dysfunction? Kegel exercises will continue to be beneficial. By increasing and improving blood flow to the area, Kegel exercises can make erections much harder and stay far longer than they did before you started doing them.

Controls the onset of ejaculating.

By strengthening the pelvic floor muscles with Kegel exercises, you can prevent premature ejaculation and enjoy more time in bed. Instead of wasting time with delayed masturbation to master ejaculation control, many guys prefer this strategy.

Better erections. No reasonable person could refuse such a gift. Men who routinely engage in Kegel exercises report longer, more intense orgasms with greater semen flow.

Hang on, it gets better *and weirder*! Men everywhere covet a woman’s multi-orgasmic prowess, yet some Kegel devotees claim that their own multi-orgasmic prowess has improved over time. That, if nothing else, should be enough to convince any man to give Kegels a shot.

Bladder control.

The penis benefits greatly from improved blood flow, which indicates overall health. The benefits to your prostate health are compounded by the improved bladder management you experience.

Sure, you weren’t actually wetting the bed before you started doing Kegels, but you will notice that you need to get up a lot less frequently during the night to urinate. Did we mention you won’t have to perform the dreaded “pee dribble” after you finally release that last drop? Men can also reap several benefits from doing Kegel exercises.

It is now clear that Kegel exercises are beneficial for both men and women. The temptation to overdo your Kegel exercises in the beginning will likely come from a desire to see benefits quickly. Nevertheless, like with any form of exercise, it is possible to do too much of a good thing. Keep in mind that moderation is key and that practice makes perfect.

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