Will Your Crush Ever Crush You Back What You Must Do Now

Does the person you have a crush on like you back? The key question is not how simple it is to figure out the answer but rather what you should do next to maintain their interest.

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Having a crush on someone may be both terrifying and exhilarating. You become completely preoccupied with them, their life, and your potential future with them.

But what if they return your feelings? Everyone hopes this will occur, but they have no idea what to do if/when it really does. After finding out your crush likes you back, your next steps are VITAL for the relationship.

Do you want to know if your crush likes you back?

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Crushes are challenging because it can be hard to discern if the other person feels the same way about you. You can’t tell if they’re just being friendly or if they have a secret crush on you when they strike up a conversation with you and say hello.

If they are the ones to approach you most of the time, it’s a good sign that they like you, too. They have a crush on you if they go out of their way to talk to you. If you see them staring at you, that’s another clue. An obvious sign of their affection for you!

So, now what?

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Congratulations! Now you know without a doubt that your crush feels the same way about you. They’ve either told you directly or told you that someone else had told you. Well, what do you do?

If you’ve recently discovered the happy truth that your crush also likes you, you’d better act fast lest they conclude that you don’t share their feelings and go on. When your secret admirer returns your feelings, proceed as follows.

1. Get your interest in them validated. 

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Now that you know your crush likes you back, you should immediately confess your feelings for them. They might get afraid and go away if you don’t do this. Try a timid “finally!” and a smile. It’ll make them laugh, and they’ll feel better afterward.

2. Find out their contact info! 

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If you and your crush are feeling romantically connected, you would be foolish not to exchange contact information. It’s simple; you just need to express interest in furthering your relationship and strike up a conversation. Stay in touch by texting them.

3. Make more in-person contact with them. 

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Despite the fact that texting is an excellent method of communication, it might be tempting to avoid people in person in favor of the anonymity afforded by one’s phone if one is unsure of how to behave in their presence. Consequently, if you happen to run into them, you should definitely strike up a conversation. Get the in-person discussion going by bringing up something you both were texting about. This may help you let down your guard and be yourself in their presence.

4. Learn how to flirt properly. 

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You’re both attracted to each other, so why not flirt like crazy? Feel free to express your interest in one another and move the relationship further by flirting. Try flirting with them and seeing how well your chemistry works with theirs.

5. Learn as much as you can about them. 

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Avoid making them feel like they’re being interviewed when conversing with you. Get to know the person as well as you can before going on a date with them. Doing so can help you come up with conversation starters and figure out if your crush is more than skin deep.

Invite them out on a date! Just ask them out on a date already because you know it’s genuine. Tell them you appreciate their texts and other means of communication but want to invite them out. If they really like you, they’ll be overjoyed.

6. Learn to spark interesting conversations. 

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Poor conversation, or even total silence, may quickly ruin a date. It’s important to have some terrific conversation starters prepared before a date in order to keep things lively and engaging.

7. Relax. 

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Prepare for your big date by giving yourself some downtime beforehand. Get out and do something that will help you relax. Try relaxing with a good book, a bath of lavender, or some deep breathing exercises. If you’re overly nervous on a date, you can overheat and fumble for words.

8. Just start talking to them. 

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That’s not to imply you should go grabbing their butt or anything! The smallest of gestures can go a long way toward conveying how much you value your relationship with another person. Jokingly shoving someone on the shoulder or grabbing their arm as you enter or leave a building is perfectly acceptable behavior.

9. Share your desire to re-date with them. 

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If you want to go on another date, don’t sneak off without saying so. If you aren’t, it’s best to just drop it. But if you want to go on another date with them, all you have to do is say, “Next time, we should____,” and start making plans for it immediately!

When your crush likes you back, it can be hard to react. Follow these suggestions if you ever get the chance to stop wondering if your crush feels the same way about you.

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