You'll Cry Your Eyes Out After Reading These 9 Touching Love Stories

You’ll Cry Your Eyes Out After Reading These 9 Touching Love Stories

1. The First Call – A Touching Love Story About Softly Crying

touching love stories

The first of our touching love stories include two people who were the closest of friends. Spending all their time on the phone, they could converse for what seemed like hours.

Additionally, when they were talking to one another, it seemed as though there was nothing wrong with the world, and they were always joyful and content.

The boy sent the girl a text one day, but he didn’t respond, which was really rare. She retried, but it was unsuccessful. She finally called him, but he didn’t pick up.

The youngster was unavailable by phone or text for a full day. The girl began to worry that unquestionably something was wrong.

touching love stories

The girl had trouble falling asleep the first night and was up all night sobbing and fretting. She then understood how much the boy really meant to her.

But the following morning, she got a call. The boy was there! As soon as she picked up the call, she was overjoyed.

Hey, boy!

Girl: I’m so happy you got in touch. What happened?

Boy: I was… occupied.

touching love stories

[The girl] sensed something wasn’t right but she was unable to inquire.


Boy: Hey, maybe we should put an end to this. We ought to stop talking now.

Girl: [Silence in shock] What? Why?

Boy: I’m sorry. Bye.

Boy disconnects the call. The girl is in shock and feels as though a part of her has been taken away.] touching love stories

All of their previous exchanges began to flash before her eyes.

She began to cry, and her face was covered in tears.

She was bewildered and lost.

She was broken, depressed, and lonely.

She wanted to jump while she was on the roof.

When he was the perfect match for her, why had he done it?

She shouted as loudly as she could from the roof, “Why?!”

touching love stories

She then made the decision to make an effort to get him back.

[She rang his phone]

Girl: Hey

Boy: Why did you give me a call?

Girl: I have to make a statement.

Boy: Feel free.

touching love stories

Girl: I only wanted to say one thing…

Her speech was constricted. She reasoned, “He doesn’t care about me.”

Boy: Tell me!

Girl: Are you alright?


Her face was once more covered with tears. After the call ended, she made the decision to write a note and left the house carrying it.

[Six hours have elapsed] touching love stories [Teenage boy’s room: phone rings]

It’s the girl’s mom. She tells him that the girl was traveling to see the boy when she was hit by a car and taken to the hospital.

The boy hurried over to see her. She opened her eyes as he reached out to take her name.

Boy: Please be okay, I’m really sorry. Why did you do that, girl?

Boy: I don’t have long to live because of a cardiac ailment. I wanted to avoid hurting you.

Girl shuts her eyes, vowing never to open them again. Boy found it hard to accept that it was all because of him. The boy had a heart attack and died from sadness ten minutes later.

2. Happy Birthday! – An Eternal Love Story With Touching Characters

touching love stories

Happy birthday, little one!

BF: I’m grateful, honey.

GF: At eight, I’ll be there to wish you!

touching love stories

BF: Do you swear, sweetheart?

GF: Of course, whatever happens, I’ll be there. I cherish you.

BF: I’m going to make dinner for us right away because I adore you, baby!

GF: Yay! C’ya.

touching love stories [8:00 pm. Not a trace of the girl. Male waits. An hour has passed. Still no sign. Finally, around 9:30, she arrives.

Hey, sweetheart. It’s great to see you. Why did you wait so long?

GF: “Sorry love, there was a lot of traffic,” as she gives him a bear embrace.

BF: No problem; I’m glad to see you.

They conversed for a while before eating the food because they were both hungry.

touching love stories

Boy sees the girl holding a candle when he turns to face her.

GF: I promised I’d be there. I’m always here for you, sweetie, so don’t worry.

Boy’s phone starts to ring. He responds. [It’s his GF’s mother]

BF: Hi

Mom of the girl: (She is sobbing. She speaks tremblingly. Hello son, I’m so sorry to say that my girl just passed out and I’m in the hospital. (cries)

3. The Unread Message – A Beautiful Love Story Regarding Star Chart Errors

touching love stories

A youngster with cancer had lived within the home that his mother had been caring for all of his life.

He desired to go outside one day. Although she hesitated, his mother reluctantly concurred. She was aware that he was tired of staying home all the time. She allowed him to stroll down the street alone.

He passed a lot of shops on his way to find the one that sold CDs. The man entered. There, he spotted the most beautiful female he had ever seen, and he knew right away that he loved her. It was a typical instance of falling in love right away.

touching love stories

He approached the desk she was seated behind. Other than her, he didn’t appear to notice anything else. She grinned as she turned to face him. She asked in the softest voice ever, “Can I assist you?” Even though all he wanted to do was kiss her right then, he managed to think of something.

He said, “I, uh, I want to buy a CD.” He chose a haphazard one and gave the girl money.

Would you like that wrapped?” she inquired, giving him another adorable smile.

touching love stories

She left to collect the things she needed after he nodded.

He took the CD after she returned and had it packaged.

The child returned the following day to make another CD purchase and had it packaged as usual. Though he had the desire, he lacked the confidence to make the approach. For the following few weeks, the youngster kept saying the same thing. Each CD was placed in his closet.

touching love stories

When his mother learned of this, she instructed him to simply ask the girl out. The following day, while the girl went to get the wrapping paper, he put down his phone number and walked out the door to buy the CD.

[The phone calls a few days later]

The girl answered the boy’s mother’s call. She wished to converse with the boy. He passed suddenly last week, the mother explained to the girl while sobbing.

Later, the mother went to her son’s room and opened his closet because she wanted to remember her kid. All the unopened CDs were located there. She picked one up, and inside was a message. From the girl, that is. Hello, you’re incredibly cute, would you like to go out?

She unlocked another. There was one more piece of paper, the subsequent CD contained the same information, and so on.

4. Can’t Stop Loving You – Chasing Jamie: A Touching Love Story

touching love stories

A man meets a woman. After a year of dating, the guy ends things with her for an unspecified reason. One beautiful day, they cross paths on the street.

Guy: Hello, you have improved in beauty.

Girl: A lot of people think I’m gorgeous.

Guy: I am aware of that. You have a lovely disposition and are excellent. Who’s the fortunate one?

I’m a single girl.

touching love stories

Male: Why? Don’t you desire a committed relationship?

Girl: I want to, yes.

Guy: What then is the issue? Tell me you’re not loved by anyone.

Girl: Some men do.

Guy: Is it bad?

touching love stories

Girl: No, everything is okay. really sweet

Guy: So what exactly is the issue?

Girl: You are here. I’m in love with you nonstop.

5. Sacrifice – The Touching Love Story of The Ghost-Seeing Boy

Boy encounters a ghost. The ghost is a young man as well.

Young boy: You died, but how?

Ghost: A car ran over me.

Young boy: Did you attempt to cross the street?

Ghost: Or something similar.

Young boy: Why do you say that?

Ghost: I wanted to help somebody.

Young boy: Yet why?

Ghost: I wanted to protect her from harm.

Young boy: You gave your life to save the person you loved, right? She lost you, so I’m sure she’s upset right now.

Ghost: No, she’s glad since her lover was the one I saved.

6. The One and Only – A Beautiful Love Story About An Ex

A couple made the decision to split up. The boy eventually agreed to it despite not being prepared.

The boy eventually married.

Later, he was confronted by his ex-girlfriend, who wasn’t pleased.

touching love stories

“How dare you make my favorite color your wedding theme, decorate with my favorite flower, and have your wedding on the day of our anniversary! How were you able to do that?

The boy grieved and said regretfully, “This is the only way I could pretend you’re still my bride.”

7. The SMS – Almost Failing An Exam: A Touching Love Story

A partner texts his partner:

Boy: Hello my dear! What’s up?

Girl: I’m working on my thesis right now, so please wait. I’ll text you later.

Boy: Hey, get back to it, babe. I was really eager to speak.

Girl: Don’t you realize that I have a deadline to meet?

Boy: Please just once, baby? Do you believe we can have a brief conversation?

Girl: Don’t you realize how important this thesis is to me? Why do you keep bothering me? I have a life of my own!

Boy: I’m sorry, honey; I’ll text shortly.

[After some time]

Boy: Hello my love! I can’t be gone for too long from you. How far along is your thesis?

[No answer]

Boy: It’s 11:00 now, baby. Why don’t you reply to me? I’m concerned!

Girl: I told you I was working on my thesis, didn’t I? After it’s completed, I’ll text you. Okay? Not that we can’t talk tomorrow, either. Please just go to sleep.

Sorry, honey, boy. Goodnight. It’s fine to take care of oneself.

[Day after]

Girl: I’m sorry, honey; yesterday was quite hectic. Get up! You must attend class. Please text me as soon as possible.

[No answer]

Girl: Hello, why no text? Is your equilibrium off when lunchtime is almost here? How are you doing? Why are you absent from class?

[Notice beep]

Boy: He is no longer with us. My son is dead. We attempted to awaken him, but the physician attested to his demise.

He was given two years by the doctor, and this is his third year of survival. It appeared that his heart was beyond repair.

He had written you a message in his phone, but he was unable to send it.

“Take good care of yourself, my love. I want you to be as content as I will be wherever I go. I’m sorry I didn’t let you know I was sick, but I didn’t want to be a burden. I am aware of how busy you have been and how important it is to you. 

I hate that we were unable to speak with you for a longer period of time today, but I know that you might fail your thesis, and I never want that to happen. You have my undying love. Keep in mind that I’ll be by your side no matter what. Promise me you’ll be strong.”

8. The Last Journey – A Touching Love Story About A Boyfriend Who Is A Biker

In the evening, a boy was returning home with his girlfriend. They were riding a motorcycle quickly.

Girl to runner: Please slow down. It’s frightening.

Guy: Get going! Fun is had!

(She gives him a bear embrace)


Guy: It irritates me, please take off my helmet and wear it.

Girl: It is not at all. Please take it slowly. I’m very anxious.

Guy: If you want me to slow down, tell me that you love me.

Guy: Hug me as well!

Girl: I adore you, all right. Please slow down immediately!

The next day, this report was published in the newspaper:

“A motorbike carrying two people collided with a building. It turned out that the brakes had failed. One of the people managed to leave unharmed, but the other one died from their wounds.

The lad requested his girlfriend to tell him one last time that she loved him because he realized throughout the ride that the brakes had failed.

9. The Final Word – A Beautiful Love Story About the Final Moment

One night, a boy and a girl were silently driving home.

They remained silent for a longer period of time.

The female then gave the lad a message. He skipped reading it. Instead, he informed her that he wanted to break up.

The girl was killed when an oncoming speeding car suddenly made a wrong turn and hit the vehicle’s passenger side.

The boy found it hard to believe. He sobbed uncontrollably and contacted his parents. And that’s when he saw the note. He grabbed it and cracked it open. It said, “I shall die if you leave me.”

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